Dealing With December Traffic Drops

Published by: Gavin Dunaway , AdMonsters
Published on: December 4, 2012


December can be a real bear as everyone makes that last revenue push before the end of the year just as site traffic slips because people seem to have better things to do than hang out on the Internet. (I heard there was a holiday or two going on?) On the site today, we ran a review of suggestions by publisher folks around preparing for the December drop – Some of the advice:

• Discuss with your sales team first

• Compare year-over-year stats to adjust forecasting

• Monitor delivery manually

• Anticipate how weekends and holidays will affect traffic.

We'd also like to open up the topic to you – how do you prepare for the likely falloff in traffic come this time of year? And in particular, has mobile made up for any December desktop traffic drops?

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