Conversion/Retargeting Pixels - How do you manage and keep track of all of them?

Published by: Max Brown , IGT IGN
Published on: October 4, 2012

Hi guys -

I just started working at an exchange that manages a large number of CPC(onversion) and CPA deals - and I've noticed that each of these campaigns has a plethora or conversion and retargeting pixels that the advertiser is required to embed on their site pages.

We've already run into a number of issues where the pixels haven't been assigned to the proper pages, or just not assigned at all - and, it's been a bit of a bear to troubleshoot and figure out what pixels should be where.

Does anyone have any handy tricks, processes, or tools that are helpful in managing the hundreds (or thousands!) of pixels that are given to advertisers for these types of campaigns?

Thanks Much,


Unfortunately it is then up to the Advertiser and their representatives to figure out a correct process to organize the Partner Pixels to ensure they fire off through the correct Conversion Tags.
It is a big pain point for sure, which is why Companies such as TagMan and Brighttag exist and why Google rolled out their own Tag Manager.
Hopefully Advertisers/Agencies will begin to look into these technologies because they definitely do eliminate the problems you are facing.

Thanks for the suggestion, Matt - unfortunately since we don't have control over our advertisers pages (how I wish we did!) I think we'd have a hard time convincing our advertisers to implement something like a Google Tag Manager container on their site for us.

Unless I am missing something?

You can try out the Google Tag Manager: I have not used it yet, but it might help in organizing the pixels/trackers Advertisers need to use.

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