Click to call for new Doubleclick SDK?

Published by: Jerry Ostradicky ,
Published on: February 13, 2013

Hi guys,
Is anybody using a custom creative template for click-to-call iphone creative while also using the google/AdMob SDK? We used to use the following code before we upgraded to their SDK:

Which allowed us to track the click on the call. The new SDK has a click-to-call template, but when the "call button" pops up with the phone number, it gives a weird URL string which Doubleclick claims is an Apple requirement. The only workaround would be some sort of custom code.

Has anybody else ran into this issue?



Hey Jerry,

I have also had this same problem.

Being trying to resolve this issue almost since October last year.

We initially had no issues using web view. Since we have gone native, it is impossible to execute the pop up without the doubleclick string.

DFP support also mentioned it requires an update to the IOS from Apple. Who know when that will be.

I think Google needs to re look at their SDK and find a solution.

Maybe someone else out there has a custom code working. Surely we are not the only ones interested in click to call in native view.

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