Campaign Prioritization

Published by: Thomas Good , Comcast Spotlight – Corporate
Published on: January 8, 2014

Hi all,

I've heard this topic come up a bit and couldn't find the exact topic here so I wanted to pose the question to the group for your expertise as it's something we continually examine. As new types of targeting with varying levels of granularity and complexity are added to your portfolio, how are you currently prioritizing campaigns for fulfillment?

Sure, it's definitely part of the "finesse" of the ad ops role to maximize delivery, performance and yield when dealing with direct vs. remnant, geo/segment targeting vs. national, and specific placement vs. ROS tiers. With so many parameters and typically one or two levers for prioritization in most ad servers, what are some best practices you have found to create prioritization buckets for line items taking into account all of the above factors?


Prioritization is easy and the hard part is accurate inventory.
Priority 1 is exclusive, 4 is standard and 10 is house ad, so that remnant such as 3rd party ads fall somewhere at 7.
Inventory forecasting and reporting ought to include master-companion campaigns and/or prioritized campaigns.

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