Best way to exclude specific campaigns from serving on unwanted topics/keyword exclusion

Published by: mehmet cereb , Huffington Post
Published on: October 29, 2010


I want to find out the most effective way to exclude some content from specific campaigns.

ex. excluding oil spill stories from Energy/Oil related advertisers.

Do you find negative keyword exclusion helpful? or do you create exclusion categories?

Let me know your thoughts



Hi Mehmet,

AdXpose is a great solution for publishers like your own. I encourage you to reach out to Sandy Streim on NYC to learn more.

Sandy Streim
VP Sales, East
Mpire (makers of AdXpose)


Hello Mehmet,

My team was recently faced with a similar problem advertising in the UK market. Using our brand protection suite, Project Sunblock, we were able to successfully prevent embarrassment for the client by avoiding all oil spill and BP specific articles.

We have published a brief case study on our website here.

As to your question about whether keyword exclusion is helpful, yes, I think it can be a large help. Definitely not a complete solution though. Filtering on keywords alone can result in a large number of false positives and end up blocking deliveries that are potentially OK.

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