Best Tools for rich media/Cross Browser Compatibility Testing?

Published by: Max Brown , IGT IGN
Published on: September 1, 2010

Hi guys, in the Ad Ops department at my company (large music publisher) we have had issues with certain rich media ads behaving differently in different environments (surprise, surprise)

We are looking at Litmus Test as a tool that we can use to check how our ads and pages will look in different browsers, but we're open to other suggestions.

Anyone have other tools that have worked well for rich media ad testing/cross browser comparisons?

thanks much,


I'll double up that recommend. very quick tool to have handy for quick checks.

Thanks much Vanessa for the heads up - this looks like a great tool - will introduce it to my Ad QA team this week! :)

Hi Max--

My team uses Spoon:

Hope that helps :)

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