best ad-server for ad-network?

Published by: Patrick ,
Published on: May 27, 2014


what is the best ad-network ad-server for over 500 sites?

a few things i'm looking for:
- publisher reporting (fill rate, share, payment...)
- per campaign optimize websites or placement level (prioritize individual placements / websites per percentage)
- targeting (focus behavioural targeting)
- able to run rich media, high impact, video and mobile. (device across delivery)
- competitive separation (brand protect)
- tilling
- responsive tags
- rank priority based on CPM also SOV
- implementation of 3rd party data
- connecting sites to a channel/or more
- merge campaign to a channel(sites in this chanmel be connected automatically)
- re-targeting
- our products (channels) insert in a private marketplace

many thanks for your help!

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