Bad Ads in remnant mobile

Published by: Charles Eggleston , AccuWeather
Published on: April 24, 2014

Hey AdMonsters!

I am curious if any other publishers have problems with “bad ads” being delivered to mobile inventory. We are continually receiving complaints about ads that should never be allowed to run (porn/virus/scams etc.) and they keep finding their way onto our site. We rarely have these problems on the standard display side. Should I assume this is an industry wide issue where it’s easier for mobile ads to slip through the cracks or could this be a problem we need to address with our mobile ad server? Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated!



We had major issues with CandyCrush auto redirects last year. We gave up and turned off all SSPs and ad networks on mobile, with the exception of Google AdSense. That solved the problem for us.


I'd honestly say its an industry-wide issue, but some sources are better than others. Auto-redirect ads have been a big problem lately. I'd hazard a guess its because its harder to troubleshoot and detect problems in a mobile environment (lack of tools). It's affecting us on the demand-side too -- we don't want this sort thing to be getting through our platforms but it happens. I think the greater prevalence of self-serve platforms in the mobile space also makes it easier for questionable creative to get through.

I would advise questioning your mobile supply partner(s) about this; some of the mobile SSPs are taking a very aggressive stance on ad quality and have very strict policies.

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