Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Tags in DFP Premium

Published by: Kristina Rettig ,, us
Published on: December 1, 2011

Hey there -

I'm wondering if anyone has strong opinions on synchronous vs asynchronous GPT tags. We run lots of rich media and I hear that synchronous is the best for that, but I'm wondering if anyone is using asynchronous tags with rich media, and how that's working.




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Hi Andrew,
I just posted a similar question on DFP Support for Small Business, and I wanted to check in here, as well regarding the issues in serving expandable ads in asynchronous mode using GPT.

I read through,, where a possible solution is discussed as a work around to this problem.
The developer of the RM would, "use appropirate code to have the creative escape the iframe and show the ad. Most likely the code will need to use DOM functions and reference the top window."

Unfortunately, there isn't a sample code posted on how to do this. Can you provide a sample code for this?

The one page where we get most of our impressions are where we most need GPT in asynchronous mode, so I'm hoping to find a solution and figure out a way to serve expandable ads that are created in non-iframe friendly mode.

Hi Krissie,

Andrew from Google here. I'm the Product Manager for our GPT tags.

Although you've probably seen it already, it's worth taking a look at our help center documentation related to this:

Many rich media creatives will work with GPT in asynchronous mode, but unfortunately some do not. It's worth discussing this with the RM vendors that you work with frequently.

It's our hope that over time more and more vendors will adopt the IAB standards that allow RM creatives to function properly in friendly iframes. Until then your decision will largely depend on the specific RM vendors you work with, how important RM is to your business, and possibly whether you are willing to trade-off overall speed for more robust RM functionality.


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Hi Krissie,

Rich Media can certainly be a challenge to deliver with the asynch tags because of the dependencies on friendly i-frames. We've worked with some clients using DFP's asynch solution and that seems to work well with their network, although their rich media may not have been as complex as yours.

We actually have a lot of clients taking advantage of asynchronous loading using our GhostWriter Solution to better control the loading of elements on a page, especially ads. We take a slightly different approach to asynch loading which works well with rich media creatives. You can find out more at:

Regardless of the solution, there is definitely a lot of benefit to loading ads or really any 3rd party components asynchronously. Separating the content from the ads, such that a bad ad call does not hang your entire page is the main benefit our clients seek, but you also tend to get a reduction in page load times by bringing in ads or other items asynchronously, which can often translate into a direct increase in revenue/impressions/etc.

Let me know if you'd like to discuss asynch loading or GhostWriter in more detail.


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