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Published by: Faisal Karmali , Express Newspapers
Published on: January 21, 2014

Hi All,

We have noticed increased discrepancies when we have receive tags from Mediamind or any other source, with Alenty or other 'ad-safety' products implemented.

We are investigating with agencies but has anyone else had this experience and if so found the culprit or a solution?



Does Cache-Busting need to be added to the tag?

Thanks Jenn - We are indeed in conversations with agencies around them delivering blanks and the discrepancies that causes. I was hoping there was perhaps an interface or workaround with the tag that would allow us to analyse the behavior.

Clay - That's good info thanks, and not something I've thought of. Do you mean it could come about from 2 ad positions on the same page load? We run asynch tags so this may well be the case.


Ad Safe (or Integral Science) recently campaign out with a product that blocks ads from being served from the client side and will serve blanks instead. They do this based on keyword or content blocks per the client. They are able to wrap this code around many forms of tags so if you see adsafe in the name of your tag I would recommend having your client put you in touch with a contact at Ad Safe to find out what they are blocking and go from there.


Hey Faisal,

Sounds like you might be running the same tag for multiple positions (ex.trafficking a tag t0 over 2 or 3 300x250 positions).

If both positions with the same size serve a Media Mind tag, It counts only 1 of the 2 impressions.

We usually require 2 different tags for sizes serving in 2 positions. This has cut down a good many discrepancies on our end.

Additionally, I am currently addressing a theory that Sync tags and single request issuing mulitple impression calls to Media Mind (longshot...but there is enough evidence to do a quick test). DFP records 2 calls, Media Mind sees 1.


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