Webcast: iFrames, JavaScript and Beyond: What it means for delivery

February 08, 2011

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Webcast: iFrames, JavaScript and Beyond: What it means for delivery

Registration opens January 18, 2011

 Join our Webcast on February 8th, 2011 at 1pm EST

OverviewProgramming and Code

As Ad Operations leaders, naturally you are focused on operations and probably less focused on the technology.  iFrames and JavaScript are terms used regularly, but you may not be familiar with the pros and cons of each and what they really mean when it comes to ad deliver, data collection, counting, rich-media, expandables, etc, which is exactly what this webcast we’ll cover.

This is a technical session designed for non-technical ad ops professionals where our AdMonsters Professional Services experts will provide a brief overview of the basics, then dive deep into what it really means from an ad ops perspective. 

Questions we’ve been hearing from you and topics we’ll cover include:

  • Explain to me why some people use iFrames and others use JavaScript
  • Can I use both and when should I do so?
  • Site speed (loading time) really matters to me, what approach loads the pages faster?
  • I need a lot of flexibility to accommodate new ad products, what approach allows me the greatest amount of future flexibility?

If any or all of these are of interest to you and your organization, then you’ll want to join us to learn more about iFrames and JavaScript and what it means to an Ad Ops professional.  Also, if you have related questions you’d like us to address, please submit those in advance.


Zach Morgan, AdMonsters Professional Services

With over 10 years of experience developing and delivering complex solutions. Throughout his career, he has evaluated, architected and implemented online solutions that have enabled millions in revenue and also resulted in greater efficiencies across processes and technology. 

Zach has led source selection, integration and implementation of Ad Serving Platforms, Insertion Order Management, Web Analytics, Video monetization solutions, and social tools. 

He is skilled in the application of content taxonomy, ad standards, SEO, and streamlined Ad Operations processes.  In addition to the long list of projects Zach has delivered he has also worked closely with many leading technology companies, some of which are: DoubleClick, ADTECH, OAS, Solbright, Operative, Omniture, Visual Sciences, Adap.TV, Brightcove, Rubicon and many others.


Will Alexander AdMonsters Professional ServicesWill Alexander, AdMonsters Professional Services

With over a decade of experience creating, implementing and managing solutions, Will possess unparalleled technical and engineering skills.

During his career he has delivered numerous solutions while also working closely with technology providers to assess their technology, and make certain it was scalable and reliable to meet the needs of large and complex organizations.

Will has deep expertise in performance engineering and web optimization through implementing and supporting highly-available, high-capacity systems and applications and integrating those systems within existing infrastructure. Solutions delivered under his guidance and leadership are capable of delivering perceived performance improvements in excess of 50%, while also giving greater control to the delivery of page elements.

Will has leveraged a wide variety of technologies during his career and is intimately familiar with DoubleClick, OpenX, ADTECH, JavaScript, iFrames, Saxotech, Unix, Linux, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Pluck SiteLife and many other technologies.

Webcast Details

The webcast will start at 1pm EST. The webcast will run approximately 60 minutes but may run over based on discussion of attendee questions during the event.

You can not register the day of the event. Registration is open until the close of business the day before the event. Please make sure to sign up so you don’t miss out!

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