July 4, 2024
Seen and Heard at Cannes Lions 2024 
At Cannes Lions 2024, the conversations were as lively and diverse as the French Riviera itself. Amid the glitz and glamour, we sat down with several leading digital media and advertising figures to get their take on the future. From exploring ID-less solutions to leveraging retail media data, the strategies for surviving and thriving in this ever-evolving ecosystem were as varied as they were insightful. Read more.
Are We Overcomplicating Floor Pricing Optimization?
Discover how behavioral economics offers a simpler, more effective approach to floor pricing optimization. Kean Wang, VP of Product and Strategy at Intowow, reveals best practices for balancing Header Bidding and Google Ad Manager to maximize publisher revenue. Read more.
What's New at PubForum Boston? 
What's new at PubForum Boston? Our first AdMonsters Dream Team will gather top Ad Ops professionals to inspire and lead crucial revenue-focused discussions. The Ad Tech Accelerator Training Program, in collaboration with Prohaska Consulting, offers hands-on workshops to boost your skills and includes a certification. Plus more! Register now!
Top Stories
As an omni-channel DSP with unique first-party identity solutions, Yahoo saw an opportunity to create a unique offering in the marketplace and did just that. The strategy behind Yahoo Creative was shaped by feedback from clients, who stressed the need for creative tools backed by trusted identity solutions.  Read more.
Unlock the insights from AdMonsters Ops 2024. For the first time ever, we're making a comprehensive summary of the sessions publicly available. Dive into pioneering discussions on digital media marketing, monetization, data & identity, and more. Read more.
Discover how generative AI is driving a near-20% increase in "Made for Advertising" (MFA) sites, and learn from DoubleVerify's Chief Innovation Officer, Jack Smith, how to navigate this evolving trend. Read more.
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