June 13, 2024
ID Bridging Explained: Benefits, Controversies, and the Battle for Transparency in Digital Advertising
Unfortunately, the buy side and sell sides are at odds again – what else is new in ad tech? The buy side called out publishers and their tech partners for using deceptive practices to identify audiences. The practice in question is a technique called ID bridging. ID bridging has become a contentious issue as digital advertising grapples with the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome.  Read more.
5 Key Takeaways from IAB #TechLabSummit Day 1
Explore cutting-edge insights from the IAB Tech Lab Summit Day 1. Discover how CTV converges with linear TV, the revolutionary impact of ad creative IDs, and the evolution of identity strategies. Dive into the urgent call for sustainability in advertising and enjoy Kara Swisher's sharp wit on tech's progress. Read more.
Expert Predicts Apple's Web Eraser Ad Blocking Tool Is Imminent
Apple's highly anticipated Web Eraser, an AI-driven privacy feature for iOS 18, was a no-show at WWDC 2024, leaving many in the digital media and advertising industry on edge. Although the feature didn't make it into the final release, industry experts believe it’s only a matter of time before Apple reintroduces this ad-blocking technology. This development signals significant implications for digital advertising, pushing marketers (and publishers) to rethink their strategies in the Apple ecosystem. Read more.
Top Stories
Media publishers today face immense pressure, including the influence of AI, changes in Google's search algorithms, the deprecation of cookies in display media, and the shift in traffic toward social media platforms. Consequently, traditional ad revenue models are no longer sufficient. For media publishers striving to thrive in this environment, CEO of Button, Michael Jaconi, believes the key lies in commerce optimization. Read more.
Søren H. Dinesen, CEO of Digiseg, delves into the privacy dilemma as cookie deprecation raises new concerns about consumer expectations. From the early days of contextual ads to the rise of identity resolution graphs, Dinesen unpacks how the ad tech industry continues to track users despite privacy regulations. Read more.
The proliferation of low-quality, Made For Advertising (MFA) sites threatens digital advertising’s integrity. To combat this, the industry must adhere to standards set by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). These certifications ensure transparency and trust, paving the way for a more reliable and sustainable ad ecosystem. Read more.
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