May 30, 2024
Merry-Go-Round Scheme Conceals Ads for Consumers and Brands
HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence issued a Security Threat Alert this morning, detailing a scheme it calls Merry-Go-Round. At its peak, Merry-Go-Round reached 782 million fraudulent bid requests daily, cleverly evading detection through a sophisticated cloaking mechanism. Read more.
How to Address MisInformation, Ad Brand Safety Concerns, and Keep Journalistic Integrity
Pat LaCroix, EVP of Strategic Partnerships at Seekr notes that the oversaturation of disinformation fosters skepticism for both consumers and advertisers. But the rise of AI presents a potential solution to the spread of misinformation. Through natural language processing and machine learning, AI tech offers promising solutions for detecting and mitigating false content.  Read more.
Problem Solver Extraordinaire: Laura Manning's Decade of Transformative Impact at Cint
In the dynamic world of media and ad tech, where innovation meets necessity, Laura Manning, SVP of Measurement at Cint, stands out as a luminary who recognizes the challenges in her industry and seizes them as opportunities for growth and improvement.  Read more.
Top Stories
As digital advertising braces for the post-cookie era, publishers face significant revenue challenges and a $10 billion shortfall. The rise of privacy concerns and cookieless tracking calls for innovative solutions like Ops Mage, an AI-driven contextual targeting tool that promises precision, performance, and privacy compliance. Explore how Ops Mage can redefine engagement and monetization. Read more.
According to Statista, in 2023, global spending on programmatic advertising reached $558 billion. By 2026, this number will likely grow to $700 billion. Also, the share of programmatic advertising in digital spending worldwide has increased since 2020. Read more.
Rowena Lam’s journey in ad tech has not followed a direct path. As she’s progressed in her career, Lam has gone from thinking her AAPI heritage was something to overcome to understanding the power of bringing a unique perspective to the table. Now as, Senior Director, Privacy & Data for IAB Tech Lab, she takes the lead on privacy standards. Read more.
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