May 15, 2024
Innovating the Future of Marketing: A Conversation with Jay Friedman, CEO of Goodway Group
Discover how Goodway Group is pushing the boundaries of digital marketing with the launch of GRADIANT and G-Comm. CEO Jay Friedman shares the strategic vision, market needs, and future trends driving these innovative initiatives. Read more.
Privacy Signals, AI in Advertising & the Democratic Dilemma
For reasons that completely baffle Søren H. Dinesen, co-founder and CEO of Digiseg, the digital advertising industry congratulates itself for taking steps to eliminate third-party tracking cookies from the ecosystem, while replacing them with something equally bad from a consumer privacy perspective: various private signals that allow for one-to-one targeting. Read more.
Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month:'s Eddie Lee on Breaking Stereotypes and Championing DEI
Like many of us in the ad tech industry, Eddie Lee, VP of revenue operations at, didn’t study digital publishing in college. An Asian American friend working at an ad agency introduced him to the industry. In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, AdMonsters spoke with Eddie Lee about the stereotypes he faced and why he loves digital advertising. Read more.
Top Stories
Political advertisers are forecasted to spend over $12 billion across all channels during the 2024 election cycle, the most in United States history, according to the latest figures from eMarketer. Due to the broad nature of political messaging, a significant portion of that spend is predicted to be funneled into linear TV advertising, where audiences are wide and all-encompassing. Read more.
With global losses due to ad fraud projected at $100 billion by the end of the year, Ann Tarasewicz, CEO, Axis, takes a look at strategies that ad tech platforms are implementing to enhance ad fraud security in 2024. Read more.
Future Today's apps, including HappyKids, Fawesome, and iFood.TV are tailored for specific audiences. Their hero images align with the app's theme, such as family-friendly imagery for HappyKids, diverse content for Fawesome, or lifestyle programming for iFood.TV. D'Alessandro emphasizes that brands can create thematic takeovers related to holidays, programming, or genres. Read more.
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