May 2, 2024
Hey Circle, “Is AI Going to Steal Ad Ops and Rev Ops Jobs?”
On the newest season of Netflix’s social media reality show The Circle, the hosts surprised contestants with the appearance of an AI persona, Max. Since the meteoric rise of generative AI, some have wondered whether their jobs were at risk. Is this a reality that ad ops and rev op professionals should consider for the near future? Read more.
TikTok's Ticking Clock: Ad Tech Experts Sound Off on the Looming Ban
As the saying goes, 'With great popularity comes great scrutiny.' The House's sudden decision to ban TikTok in March, which caught TikTok executives off guard, is a testament to this. The strained relationship between our government and the ByteDance-owned company, exemplified by CEO Shou Zi Chew's contentious court appearance with Senator Tom Cotton, further adds to the drama.  Read more.
At AdMonsters Ops: Party Hard, Network Harder!
The digital advertising industry will converge in just over a month on June 3-4 in NYC at AdMonsters Ops, the conference every major publisher, digital agency and brand marketer needs to attend. Your ad ops, rev ops and programmatic peers are all coming and they want to meet you. With over 90% of the audience in publisher, brand and agency roles, this is networking gold you don't want to miss out on. But don't miss opportunities to party hard at our Wrap Party. Register now!
Top Stories
Towards the end of last year, my company began to notice an uptick in malicious redirects stemming from video ad units—a first for the digital media ecosystem. Specifically, scammers have begun injecting malicious redirects through VAST tags that redirect users to a fraudulent website, regardless of whether the ad was played or for how long a user watched it. Read more.
The MFA debacle plagued the minds of publishers and advertisers alike last year, and many made pledges to do their best to eradicate their existence on their sites. Yet, MFA sites are still going steady. According to Eli Heath, Head of Identity at Lotame, this underscores advertisers' need to explore alternative strategies to ensure brand safety and ad quality through data curation. Read more.
With purchase cycles spanning weeks and customers encountering hundreds of auto ads, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Add the slow demise of 3rd-party cookies, and it’s never been harder to get your ad in front of your target customer. CTV is helping fill the void. Read more.
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