May 25, 2023
What Is Supply Path Transparency & Optimization?
The ad tech industry is growing on a massive scale, it is expected to grow 5.9% YoY (according to an IAB report). To keep up with such scale and the complex nature of the industry, folks should be prepared to also face the unique challenges that come with it. Transparency in the programmatic supply chain is one such challenge prevailing in the industry. Read more.
Celebrating AAPI Month: Angelina Eng Reflects on the Evolution of the Digital Media Industry
Angelina Eng watched the digital media industry evolve into what it is today, and now she works with the IAB as VP of Measurement, Addressability, and Data Center. Her focus at IAB is setting standards, best practices and guides for various topics such as cross-channel measurement, data clean rooms, attention metrics, terms & conditions, etc. One she considers a challenging but fulfilling position. Read more.
Ops is Coming...June 5-6
We are counting down the days to our AdMonsters Ops NY conference. It is the premier ad ops conference for peer learning and networking with professionals working towards the same revenue, sales, and targeting goals. The community you build at these conferences is priceless. Whether it's a new client or a new professional relationship, it's where everyone in digital media and ad tech should be. Register Now!
Top Stories
During her keynote, “Redefining Success: Leading with Vision and Innovation in the Modern Workplace,” at the AdMonsters Ops Conference, Christena Pyle will share insights into effective leadership practices that can help organizations stay ahead of the curve. Read more.
The daily routine of an ad ops manager, whether they work for a marketing agency or represent a web content publisher, is pretty much like a board game. Stumbling blocks are all around, even when they do not expect them. Not that ad ops managers should “beat the card” in the blink of an eye. Otherwise, the challenge isn’t considered accepted, and the cost of failure is too high, like lost revenue, customer churn, or rising TCO. Read more.
In Jounce Media's annual report, 'The State of the Open Internet,' three influential market forces shed light on the obstacles that media companies and advertising technology platforms face: demand concentration, bidstream bloat, and bidstream blindspots. How can we level the playing field between the dominant walled gardens and the rest of the open internet? Of course, achieving this equilibrium is no simple task. Read more. 
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