May 18, 2023
A Path to Net-zero for the Digital Advertising Sector
The digital advertising sector has a dirty little secret: its carbon footprint is huge. How big?  About the size of the airline industry. It’s only a matter of time before carbon neutrality and even net-zero become buying criteria for brands, so now is a good time to consider launching a sustainability initiative. Read more.
Celebrating AAPI Month: Don Valdez’s Parenting Styled Leadership Approach
Don Valdez head of ad tech and publisher sales at The Media Trust shares his parenting styled leadership approach and how he pays it forward. He is an inspiring professional from the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, whose journey serves as a beacon of hope for many aspiring individuals. Read more.
New Speakers Added: Heads of Ad Ops, Audience, Product, Monetization and more
We added a plethora of new speakers to our AdMonsters Ops NY conference. From real-world digital experts to big media brands, they are here to ensure your AdOps knowledge is practical for your business and helps you think outside the box. New additions include Verizon, Google, Essence Media Communications, and more. Register Now!
Top Stories
AdMonsters met up with U of Digital Founder, Shiv Gupta, to learn how U of Digital has grown over the years, where the company is headed, and to find out more about what Gupta is planning to speak about at AdMonsters Ops in New York City.  Read more.
In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, here are 10 AAPI ad tech and digital media professionals who are setting the standard for how the advertising ecosystem will advance in the coming years.  Read more.
I’ve read the hype; ChatGPT is supposed to be better than Google Search, right? Why go through the bother of searching, clicking on a bunch of articles, comparing multiple sources, and synthesizing what I read when ChatGPT can do that for me in one simple step? It has been a tough week for me and my relationship with ChatGPT. It told me numerous lies, and maligned a number of people who don’t deserve such treatment. That’s not okay. Read more.
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