February 16, 2023
Publisher Forum Keynote Maria Breza: Transforming Brand Safety and Suitability for Podcasting
Breza suggests that advertisers must use different strategies to reach their full target audience while ensuring their ads only appear in suitable environments. And that starts with having a brand-level strategy for brand safety and suitability.  The strategy should include a plan for aligning against the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) brand safety and suitability framework.  Read more.
10 Black Ad Tech Professionals Making Waves in Digital Media and Advertising
Based on research from last year, Black professionals occupy only 3% of technical roles in the industry. While this reflects a larger societal problem of systemic racism, these Black professionals are making waves and leaving their mark on the advertising and digital media industry.  For Black History Month, AdMonsters is celebrating just a few Black professionals making history daily in ad tech.  Read more.
Top Women in Media and Ad Tech Awards Call for Entries is Open!
We're looking for the change-makers, innovators, and leaders in media and ad tech, from publishers to agencies to CTV to SaaS, and everything in-between. Let's shine a spolight on the contributions of women across all departments: advertising operations, marketing, content, sales, and more. Do you know a woman deserving of professional recognition. Honor her with a nomination. 
Top Stories
Like many people in ad tech, Louis Jones fell into the ad tech industry by chance. Advertising was his third career. From starting his first job in the field at J. Walter Thompson to rising as one of the most prolific executives in the digital ecosystem, he proves that the stigma perpetrated around Black professionals is a fallacy.  After taking a slight break in his career, Jones now focuses on regulating brand safety and pushing forward DEI efforts in the ad tech industry. Read more.
The IAB Tech Lab has committed to publishing programmatic best practices alongside their quantified carbon impact from sustainability vendors like Scope3 and Cedara.IO, who are part of the working group. To educate the industry, we will publish benchmarks using existing data on supply paths. In the future, we will update models to include emissions data from Ad Net Zero's Calculation framework. Read more.
In a search for what's ahead for the rest of 2023 for mobile, we tapped into my mobile mastermind group to gain insight into the top mobile trends for 2023. We spoke with — Amanda Dean, Head of Programmatic Partners and Strategy, IBM Watson Advertising; Adam Gray, Senior Director, Programmatic Growth, timehop & Nimbus; Ron Duque, Head of Advertising and Ad Tech Operations, WeatherBug; and Marc Santiago, VP, Programmatic Engineering, Nimbus — and privacy-first and consumer-first were two of the main themes that emerged from our conversations. Read more.
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