January 26, 2023
Confiant Catches Cookie Fishing Scheme: The Bad Actors of Black Friday
Advertisers’ businesses boom yearly on Black Friday as they promote their annual sales. Last year, Black Friday saw another big boom — cookie stuffing — marking a sharp increase in fraudulent ad impressions.  Read more.
How Retailers and Publishers Will Shape a Better Future in 2023
2023 will be the year that retailers and publishers forge more strategic partnerships to fuel better advertising. The timing couldn’t be better. The entire digital ecosystem is under pressure. Consumer expectations are higher than ever – and advertising budgets need to perform without relying on third-party data. Read more.
The Misconceptions of the Adblock User: A Conversation with Blockthrough's Marty Krátký-Katz
We spoke with Marty Krátký-Katz, CEO and Founder of Blockthrough, about the common misconceptions about adblock users, how acceptable ads can help you reach the ad blocking consumer base, and how to take the responsibility off the consumer.  Read more.
Top Stories
CTV is coming to the forefront as a performance channel, and marketers should seize this tremendous opportunity. With the ability to pursue incredibly segmented audiences and fully measure the ROI on CTV campaigns, marketers will have more control than ever before over their CTV ads —  if they lay the proper groundwork, that is.  Read more.
Last year, advertisers spent over $327 billion targeting users as they engaged with popular mobile apps, but as HUMAN Security announced yesterday, a chunk of that spending went into the pockets of fraudsters who successfully launched a massive ad fraud scheme. Read more.
A trio of advertising ecosystem avengers — Catilina Crunch, SuperHeroes NY, and Sysyem1 — assembled with one mission in mind — save the world from boring advertising.  AdMonsters spoke with Krishna Kaliannan, Founder/CEO, Catalina Snacks, Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer, System1, and Susan Vugts, Managing Director, SuperHeroes NY, about the campaign. We discussed System 1's Test Your Ad platform, how to market a campaign across different platforms, and the importance of collaboration.  Read more.
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