January 20, 2023
HUMAN Discovers and Shuts Down Massive Ad Fraud Scheme
Last year, advertisers spent over $327 billion targeting users as they engaged with popular mobile apps, but as HUMAN Security announced yesterday, a chunk of that spending went into the pockets of fraudsters who successfully launched a massive ad fraud scheme. Read more.
New Study Provides Concrete Data on the Success of Interstitial Ads
With the advertising ecosystem constantly changing, buyers are always seeking ways to improve ROI, and sellers are always seeking new ways to diversify revenue — interstitial ads are moving up on the list as a solution to both challenges. A recent study conducted by Adnimation found that the average eCPM for interstitial ads was 4,094% more than the average eCPM for traditional banner ads.  Read more.
How to Strengthen Your First-Party Data Strategy: Q&A with Brendan Farrell of Permutive
Leading up to our webinar, How PMC Drives Value For Advertisers with First-Party Data on January 25, 2023 at 1:00 PM EST, I caught up with Brendan Farrell, Manager, Customer Success, North America, Permutive, to discuss how user-choice is driving privacy-first solutions, how pubs can solve for “reject all,” how PMC’s ATLAS Data Studio helped the publisher move from a vertical to a portfolio strategy, and how Permutive can help pubs with a GTM strategy for a first-party data platform. Read more.
Top Stories
Given that their ecosystem is a user-driven community where product development is core to the “user experience,” the expectation will be that their DSP solution will be less about SAAS. An Apple-operated DSP should be centered around their ability to allow brands to effectively connect with consumers given the intimate knowledge they possess about them – an advantage they have all to themselves now. Read more.
The battle for brand safety is on because bad actors are more creative than ever with their ad fraud tactics. It's time for clean sweeps of your sites because ad fraud and malvertising schemes are amiss. They are setting traps to sell your consumers' data, ultimately affecting your credibility as a publisher.  Read more.
Audio advertising is really taking off in the US. Podcast ad spend will surpass $2 billion in 2023, according to the IAB. Currently, podcasts account for nearly one-third of digital audio ad spend, and that projection will increase over time.  We spoke with some ad tech professionals in the podcasting… Read more.
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