December 29, 2022
Publishers Prove Resilient Through Industry Changes
Each PubForum, an exclusive publisher-only Think Tank comes together to discuss the most pressing issues in ad tech. In Nashville, the common consensus was that thriving through this tough period was dependent upon how you choose to reach your audience. Per the advice that has been touted through many industry changes this year, reaching the consumer and understanding their needs is of utmost importance. Read more.
What App Publishers Need to Know About Mediation
At its core, ad mediation seeks to optimize ad revenue. At its best, mediation finds the best result for all sides of the advertising ecosystem: the publisher, the advertiser, and the end user. It does this by assessing in real-time which ad opportunity among a set of demand sources will yield the best result at that moment for that user. This drives higher eCPMs for the publisher, more relevant and enjoyable ads for the user, and better campaign performance for the advertiser. Read more.
Webinar: How PMC Drives Value For Advertisers With First-Party Data
On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, join AdMonsters' Content Director, Lynne d Johnson, in conversation with Brett Goverman, Head of Data Strategy, PMC, and Brendan Farrell, Manager, Customer Success, North America, Permutive to discover more about making the most of your first-party data, why campaigns using first-party data perform better, and how to uncover revenue insights to power more strategic partnerships with buyers. Register now!
Top Stories
As we wrap up 2022, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the year as an AdMonsters community. It's the time of year when many of us will pause and take stock. At the heart of the professional education that AdMonsters strives to create for the community is content that propels your career forward, connections that expand your professional circle, and (for all our event-goers), a good dose of actual fun!  Read more.
Daily Yoga experienced a slowdown in subscriber rate and challenges evaluating performance after the IOS14 update. Since the brand monetizes through its premium subscription service, it needed to gain access to audiences likely to become subscribers. Daily Yoga found a solution by utilizing AppLovin’s AppDiscovery platform. Read more.
Each week AdMonsters sends out the Wrapper–a series dedicated to analyzing a curation of ad tech news from around the world. Here's a look back at the top Wrappers of 2022. Read more.
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