December 22, 2022
The Final Wrap-Up: Best of AdMonsters Wrapper 2022
Each week AdMonsters sends out the Wrapper–a series dedicated to analyzing a curation of ad tech news from around the world. Here's a look back at the top Wrappers of 2022. Read more.
AdMonsters 2022 Rewind: The Great Webinar Replay
Whether you're craving a rewatch or want to catch up on some much-needed viewing, AdMonsters’ webinars are available at your leisure. This year, our webinar series dealt with the future of monetization, malvertising schemes, and how publishers use data to close deals.  Read more.
AdMonsters 2022 Premium Playbook Pack
As an industry, ad tech understands the importance of audience feedback. High-performing and relevant ads would not exist without the consumer’s input.  The AdMonsters Playbook was born from that idea, and with the help of surveys, we gather and source data from our community. We wanted to hear how our core audience–publishers–dealt with industry changes and how they could work towards solutions.  Read more.
Top Stories
Given that ad spend will continue its slow descent well into 2023, and direct sales are making a comeback (for some, they never left) — email newsletters provide advertisers with premium advertising inventory that reaches a highly engaged audience. Read more.
In 2022, we covered topics ranging the spectrum of privacy regulations, retail media networks and the most efficient ways to create unique identifiers for consumers. Let’s look back on the hot topics and the most Googled terms that kept the industry buzzing this year.  Read more.
The past year in ad tech was a whirlwind. For some, the overwhelming bad news in digital media and ad tech tainted revenue and metrics, but the inventiveness of the industry is keeping things afloat. To round out the year, we present AdMonsters’ top articles of 2022.   Read more.
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