December 15, 2022
9 Jaw Dropping AdMonsters Articles From 2022
The past year in ad tech was a whirlwind. For some, the overwhelming bad news in digital media and ad tech tainted revenue and metrics, but the inventiveness of the industry is keeping things afloat. To round out the year, we present AdMonsters’ top articles of 2022.   Read more.
The Negative Effects of ID Loss on Advertiser KPIs
Emodo Institute took a deep dive into the wonderful world of marketer KPIs to showcase just how dramatically they were affected by cookie and ID loss. Most notably, the study uncovered that out of all the metrics advertisers use to measure campaign effectiveness, only engagement and attention appear to be the least impacted. So maybe there’s something to the argument that attention metrics will be a key measure for advertisers once the cookie finally takes its final breath. Read more.
The Power of Emotional Storytelling in Digital Advertising
The usual holiday glitz we are used to seeing in holiday advertising may be less excessive this year, which can be expected living in such recessionary times. Nonetheless, one aspect of holiday advertising that seems promising is emotional storytelling. Read more.
Top Stories
The quality vs. revenue debate is occurring with greater frequency as publishers consider their options in the event of a recession. Will consumers cut back on subscriptions? Will advertisers reduce their ad spend? To help answer these questions, we surveyed publishers about the strategic decisions they are confronted with right now, and the challenges they face in optimizing their overall revenue strategies. Read more.
AdOps teams are data superstars, sitting on a treasure trove of information that contains rich and nuanced context. They know which ad units perform best, by format, section, industry and vertical. Some can accurately predict the ROAS advertisers can expect to see from their campaigns. But how widely is this insight shared with the sales and ad product teams? Is your business suffering from a data divide, inhibiting a successful monetization strategy? Read more.
Hearst, DailyMail & NextStar Digital outlined their first-party data practices and strategies for working with sales and editorial to diversify revenue. They also shared their predictions for publishers' for 2023 and beyond.  Read more.
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