December 9, 2022
Opportunities to Drive RevOps Efficiency
The quality vs. revenue debate is occurring with greater frequency as publishers consider their options in the event of a recession. Will consumers cut back on subscriptions? Will advertisers reduce their ad spend? To help answer these questions, we surveyed publishers about the strategic decisions they are confronted with right now, and the challenges they face in optimizing their overall revenue strategies. Read more.
Hearst, DailyMail.Com, & Nexstar Digital Layout Their Digital Advertising Keys to Success
The discussion outlined not only each publisher's first-party data practices but the strategies they are taking in working with sales teams, editorial, revenue diversification, and each executive's predictions regarding the industry's future going into 2023 and beyond.  Read more.
Webinar Replay: The Future of Monetization
During our Dec. 7, 2022 Webinar Replay, “The Future of Monetization”, AdMonsters spoke with Ram and Adam Sadur, Head of Programmatic, SmartNews. We chatted with them about the top monetization challenges facing mobile apps, how publishers are taking control of their monetization destiny, what to expect in 2023 and more.  Read more.
Top Stories
While we can pat ourselves on the back for sparing advertisers and publishers from the threat of ad fraud, the consumer still suffers considerable risk and financial losses. “The research reveals an urgent need for education to protect both consumers and businesses from criminal activity in the supply chain. Failing to address this need could open the industry to a loss of consumer trust and an existential economic threat.” Read more.
AdOps teams are data superstars, sitting on a treasure trove of information that contains rich and nuanced context. They know which ad units perform best, by format, section, industry and vertical. Some can accurately predict the ROAS advertisers can expect to see from their campaigns. But how widely is this insight shared with the sales and ad product teams? Is your business suffering from a data divide, inhibiting a successful monetization strategy? Read more.
In preparation for our upcoming webinar, The Future of Monetization — on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, at 1 PM EST — with InMobi and SmartNews, we reached out to Ram "TK" Krishnamurthy, General Manager (Meson) and VP of Strategic Partnerships, InMobi, to learn more about the challenges publishers face, how they're adapting to elevate their ad revenue and the importance of unifying auctions across multiple demand sources. Read more.
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