November 25, 2022
Webinar: 2023 Malvertising Preview
In 2022, there was a significant decrease in forced redirects. But malicious actors are evolving their attacks. Join Confiant's Jerome Dangu, John Murphy, and Eliya Stein for an overview of the latest trends in malvertising and to hear their expert predictions for 2023. Register now!
Webinar: The Future of Monetization
Mobile monetization is ever-evolving. Shifting user expectations, privacy considerations, and tech innovations (and consolidations) are forcing app publishers to re-evaluate how they drive ad ARPDAU. In this session, Meson’s GM Ram “TK” Krishnamurthy will chat with Adam Sadur of SmartNews about challenges they’ve faced, how they’ve adapted to elevate their ad revenue, and what’s next. Register now!
Purpose is Profit: Create a Sustainable Strategy
In her session, “Doing Some Good: Purpose as a Business Strategy,” at Publisher Forum Nashville, Lior Shvo from Primis highlighted how defining a greater purpose for your brand is an essential component of not only doing good for your customers and society, but also for creating and sustaining a successful business.  Read more.
Top Stories
Advertising scams have plagued the ad tech ecosystem for quite some time, but thanks to industry innovations many protections are now in place. We spoke with Confiant's LD Mangin, about how malvertising differs from other types of ad scams, the Confiant Malvertising Elite 8 List, malvertising’s impact on consumers and publishers, and more. Read more.
Justin Wohl, CRO at,, and and an advisor to Supply Side Platform, Sovrn, acknowledges that monetizing programmatic ads is a critical part of editorial and has made it his due diligence to hone in on that aspect. He came to Publisher Forum Nashville to share what he’s learned with other publishers and how he’s used that knowledge to prepare his media brands for the cookieless future. Read more.
With the speed and complexity of change needed to succeed in an ecosystem like advertising, both senior management and “in the trenches” workers must be aligned. Ad Operations are only as good as the people who deliver the goods, and nothing is more human than concerns about change, job security, skill acquisition, and the future. Read more.
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