November 18, 2022
Keep Watch: Malvertising Schemes Still Lurking Within Advertising Ecosystem
Advertising scams have plagued the ad tech ecosystem for quite some time, but thanks to industry innovations many protections are now in place.  Read more.
Pump it Up: Increase Campaign Effectiveness With Undertone's High Impact Sound
Undertone's High Impact Sound (aka Binaural Sound) provides an immersive, surround-sound experience within High Impact display ads. It's a 3D sound effect built into an ad, that is sure to capture the attention of any user who encounters it. Read more.
A Post-cookie Survival Guide for Publishers - Tips From PubForum Nashville
Justin Wohl, CRO at,, and and an advisor to Supply Side Platform, Sovrn, acknowledges that monetizing programmatic ads is a critical part of editorial and has made it his due diligence to hone in on that aspect. He came to Publisher Forum Nashville to share what he’s learned with other publishers and how he’s used that knowledge to prepare his media brands for the cookieless future.  Read more.
Top Stories
We spoke with Thomas Anderson, Chief Marketplace Development Officer at Emodo about the creation of Adapt, advanced native ads competing against traditional native ads, how they hope to future-proof their product and more.      Read more.
With the speed and complexity of change needed to succeed in an ecosystem like advertising, both senior management and “in the trenches” workers must be aligned. Ad Operations are only as good as the people who deliver the goods, and nothing is more human than concerns about change, job security, skill acquisition, and the future. Read more.
Creative has taken center stage as the primary lever to pull when looking to accelerate business results, particularly as marketers are forced to lean into audience consolidation and automation, writes Megan Mullarky, Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Media.Monks. Read more.
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