November 11, 2022
Change Management: A Personal & Organizational Approach for Ad Tech
With the speed and complexity of change needed to succeed in an ecosystem like advertising, both senior management and “in the trenches” workers must be aligned. Ad Operations are only as good as the people who deliver the goods, and nothing is more human than concerns about change, job security, skill acquisition, and the future. Read more.
Creative Is the Last Standing Lever for Marketers in a Privacy-first World
Creative has taken center stage as the primary lever to pull when looking to accelerate business results, particularly as marketers are forced to lean into audience consolidation and automation, writes Megan Mullarky, Associate Director, Digital Strategy, Media.Monks. Read more.
Elon Musk Proves Once and for All That Nihilism Is Not a Media Company Strategy
The boundaries of acceptability have been pushed back and back for years. Elon Musk just happens to have gone a few steps too far and is showing the entire industry that, in the end, nihilism is a losing strategy in the media world. Read more.
Top Stories
To maintain their edge, publishers must unify data strewn across a fragmented digital landscape that spans properties, channels, platforms, and devices. With disruption on the horizon, it behooves publishers to act now and prioritize first-party data unification.  Read more.
Publishers are feeling tremendous uncertainty as they face Apple's massive tech changes and the potential cookieless future. To brave the days ahead, successful publishers must have high-functioning, multi-disciplinary teams, and revenue operations leadership to match. Revenue ops can look to the best of the best —  elite organizations like the Navy SEALs —  to learn important lessons for survival, and ultimately, success. Read more.
As we enter a new age of advertising, we want to better understand the impact of ad quality in direct deals as well as programmatic channels, as well as the workload of Rev Ops and Ad Ops teams. Specifically, do they have the tools they need to ensure the ads that appear on their sites meet their brand’s standards, and whether they spend too much time managing the process? Take our survey! 
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