October 27, 2022
Consent Summit 2022 Takeaways: Privacy and Compliance are Ad Tech’s Regulators
At the LeadsCon 2022 Consent Summit, agencies, marketers, technologists, legal teams, digital departments, data agencies and compliance professionals came together to discuss all things privacy, consent and compliance. From discussing the potential federal privacy regulations moving through the U.S. Legislature to learning about balancing your privacy and compliance issues with your company’s growth goals, each session aimed to educate  how to maneuver the new world order of privacy.  Read more.
Two Heads Are Better Than One: Aniview & diDNA’s Join Forces to Drive Publisher Revenue
Aniview and diDNA cover a large part of the publisher ecosystem, and at the end of the day, working together allows both ad tech companies to stay ahead of the curve. Even more impressive is that their frenemy relationship with one another doesn't just stop there. diDNA is a top Google MCM partner, and Aniview is welcome to take advantage of this aspect of its business. Read more.
Publisher Forum Keynote DeLu Jackson: Leveraging Relevant User Data to Create Customer-Focused Brands
DeLu Jackson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at ADT, will give a keynote address at Publisher Forum Nashville entitled “Reach Is Dead, Long Live Relevance: How Buyers and Sellers Use Triggers to Reach and Engage Audiences.” Read more.
Top Stories
Navigating new monetization territories is never easy but thankfully Charlene Charles, Head of Operations at DG Media Networks provided essential guidelines to motivate and help retailers win in this space. When dealing with innovation, the unknowns can be endless. You have to be able to deliver fast and efficient outcomes and troubleshoot them. There will be problems, but it's all about maneuvering them. Read more.
Digital publishers rely heavily on advertising revenue to ensure their businesses will succeed. However, managing ad operations can not only be time-consuming and costly, but it can also be a very complicated process, particularly for those who are not well versed in the nuances of the ad ops world, especially with navigating the ins and outs of Google Ad Manager. The solution? Turning to a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Read more.
According to industry experts at Advertising Week, moment-based marketing could be the next wave of ad targeting. Instead of using cookies, they suggest using images of unforgettable fan moments, and the metadata that comes from them, to drive passion and high engagement with consumers. Read more.
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