October 20, 2022
Publisher Forum Keynote DeLu Jackson: Leveraging Relevant User Data to Create Customer-Focused Brands
DeLu Jackson, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at ADT, will give a keynote address at Publisher Forum Nashville entitled “Reach Is Dead, Long Live Relevance: How Buyers and Sellers Use Triggers to Reach and Engage Audiences.” Read more.
Wall Street Analyst Says Yes AVOD Upsets the Apple Cart of TV
The fact of the matter is Wall Street hates linear, and with that being said they believe that more sports on streaming can also help speed up the shift away from TV. Read more.
Joining Forces with a Google Partner Simplifies Processes & Increases Publisher Success
Digital publishers rely heavily on advertising revenue to ensure their businesses will succeed. However, managing ad operations can not only be time-consuming and costly, but it can also be a very complicated process, particularly for those who are not well versed in the nuances of the ad ops world, especially with navigating the ins and outs of Google Ad Manager. The solution? Turning to a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Read more.
Top Stories
To get an in-depth understanding of one of the major alternative IDs, we spoke with Mathieu Roche, co-founder and CEO of ID5. Known as the privacy-focused identity solution, it creates an encrypted first-party data ID that gives publishers a unique device ID they can share with their partners and clients.  Read more.
OOH provides brands an opportunity to have an unfaltering real-world presence and offers opportunities to creatively reach target audiences through billboards, transit ads, and street furniture. Read more.
As we approach the close of Hispanic Heritage Month, we thought it was a good time to laud advertisers for upping their spend to reach this market. But we'd be remiss not to mention that advertisers are also underspending on the Hispanic market relative to the total population, media consumption habits, and growing economic power. And the situation is far worse for Hispanic/Latinx media companies, who really aren't seeing their warranted share of coins coming from advertisers. We spoke with 5 ad tech pros about how to solve for that. Read more.
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