August 11, 2022
Political Ad Spend Going Up: What Publishers Should Consider Before Running Them
This country is no stranger to political controversy. However, the past couple of years has boasted an unprecedented amount of political strife with a highly controversial president, a reckoning for the country’s systematic racism, a global pandemic, and even the recent reversal of Roe v. Wade. Within the context of this political climate, it is easy to understand why political ad spend has reached an all-time high in 2022.  Read more.
Mastering Change in a Post-IDFA World: Q&A with Ron Duque, WeatherBug
While ATT has improved privacy and cut down on fingerprinting, it has made it immeasurably harder for pubs (and even big tech) to monetize their apps. That's why we invited Ron Duque, Head of Advertising and Ad Tech Operations, WeatherBug, to come to PubForum Montreal on August 15, 2022, to talk about Solving for Mobile Addressability. Read more.
How Publishers Use Data to Win More Business 
Join AdMonsters for an informative webinar on August, 31, 2022 at 1 PM EST featuring Lynne d Johnson, Content Director, AdMonsters, in conversation with Stephanie Mazzamaro, VP, Data Product & Operations, Trusted Media Brands & Thomas Baart, Customer Success Manager, Permutive, as they dive into how TMB partnered with Permutive to increase audience size by 22X, increase RFP win rate by 31%, and use first-party data to drive 94% of their direct-sold campaigns. Register now! 
Top Stories
It may not be winter, but it is still a cold world, and tech giants, TV networks, and publishers have been freezing. Nowadays, every dollar counts with all the drastic changes affecting our economy. Media companies can't reach their revenue goals if brands aren't spending on advertising. Read more.
In preparation for our upcoming webinar with Permutive: How Publishers Can Use Data to Close More Deals With Advertisers, Wednesday, August 31 at 1 PM ET, (Register Now!) I spoke with Thomas Baart, Customer Success Manager at Permutive. We discussed how publishers and advertisers can deliver more responsible advertising to consumers, using first-party data to retrieve consumer data, how publishers can be better consultants to advertisers to improve revenue insights, and the legitimacy of zero party data.   Read more.
No site, it seems, is immune, with clickbait ads appearing on even the most discerning properties. This 5-minute survey seeks to help us better understand the extent of the problem, why it occurs, and whether or not publishers have the tools they need to eradicate it from their properties.  Read more.
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