July 29, 2022
How to Attract & Retain Talent During the Great Resignation: Q&A with SEBPO’s Ray Adamson
A leading global outsourcing company, SEBPO services all areas of the advertising technology space. As such, the company is uniquely positioned to help its clients with any needs they have, despite the current state of the industry. This helped SEBPO navigate the pandemic and subsequently the Great Resignation, both pivoting how the company itself operates as well as how it helps its clients do business. Read more.
Sales and Ad Ops Best Practices for Collaboration
What’s the best way for publishers to attract advertisers to their properties? Enable their sales teams to tell compelling stories about their audiences and why they would be receptive to the potential advertiser’s products and services. But storytelling requires data. The trick is to foster better collaboration between Ad Ops and sales (and any other stakeholder) so that they can use the data to drive campaign performance and repeat sales. Read more.
8 Ad Tech Execs Weigh In On Google Pushing Back the Third-Party Cookie Cutoff
It was evident. Google was going to delay plans to eliminate third-party tracking cookies in Chrome. Their Privacy Sandbox head is saying it will take until the latter half of 2024 for an alternative to replace cookies, but we've been hearing rumblings from buyers that it could very well drag out until 2025. Here eight ad tech execs share what this latest twist in the tale of the cookie's eventual death means for Google,  the ad tech ecosystem, as well as what we can expect to happen next. Read more.
Top Stories
Brands can balance out broad targeting efforts by experimenting with new media platforms and marketing tactics. Work with clients to establish how much risk they’re willing to take on and allocate the majority of the budget toward proven channels, even if it means accepting slightly lower returns at scale. Read more.
With the surge of online shopping and ecommerce sales, e-retail sites are becoming a more popular avenue for brand advertising.  In fact, with the implementation of new privacy laws, retail media may be a necessity for publishers and advertisers. Now that third-party cookies are slowly fading away, it will be a challenge for the ad tech industry to analyze the actions of consumers after they interact with an ad.  Read more.
"216 of the 249 Topics were received at least once, but only the 13 above made up more than 1% of the total API results. A long tail with a very steep drop," reported Jeff Burkett, VP, Product, Display Media, USA Today.

After which he had a bunch of questions, like if for a single-domain news site, "shouldn't News be 95% of the results if only 5% of results are expected to be random?" Can so many questions be good? Read more.
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