May 27, 2022
Navigating the Great Resignation: Find Stability With an Ad Ops Partner
They're calling it "the great resignation." Employees are leaving their jobs at record rates, and companies are having a hard time retaining their talent. Publishers heavily rely on their ad ops teams, and as we all know, personnel turnover can be rather disruptive, especially when it happens in ad ops.… Read more.
What Is the Competition and Transparency in Digital Advertising Act?
The bill includes regulations that will continue to trigger an already erupting volcano. The lava represents all the publishers and advertisers who constantly scramble to keep up with these rules and regulations. Read more.
Charting the Customer Journey From End-to-End With the NYTimes
The NY Times is getting data out of silos to harness the power of marketing, customer, and advertising data toward a more collective, data-driven business. Michael Chiang, Director, Campaign Operations, The New York Times, is using Action IQ CDP to quickly create, deploy and evaluate campaigns. And eventually, some tools that the product side of the house is doing to glean insights from their first-party data will inform what Chiang's team is doing to fully view the customer journey from end to end. Read more.
Top Stories deeply dives into the ins and outs of retaining viewability and even presents a carved out periodic table that outlines the steps to reaching video engagement and revenue highs.  Read more.
Moving forward, it may seem a no-brainer to pubs, that in this privacy-forward era, users should either subscribe or provide morsels of information in exchange for content that is meaningful and relevant to them (which would include advertising), but maybe there really is another way. And maybe that other way really puts consumers first. Read more.
SPO in mobile has an additional level of complexity compared to web, because ads on mobile devices are facilitated mostly through software development kits (SDKs) – and understanding the type of SDK connection can have meaningful implications to that path optimization. Read more.
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