May 4, 2022
All About the Data: Take Our Publisher's First-party Data Survey
Crafting highly personalized and seamless experiences across all channels are table stakes, which many believe require access to, and sharing of first-party data to drive personalization, along with harmonization of the user experience across all channels. Take our survey to help answer the questions: how are publishers deploying first-party data to drive personalization, unified cross-channel experiences today, and what tools do they need to succeed. Take the survey now!
What Is CTDPA?
Last week the Connecticut House of Representatives and Connecticut Senate joined forces to pass the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA). The legislation, also known as Senate Bill 6 (SB6), awaits Governor Ned Lamont's signature to make everything 100% official. The bill is expected to take effect on July 1, 2023. Read more.
The #OpsNYC Sessions Are Heating Up
From the Data Flow of Dotdash Meredith Data & Identity Keynote with Alysa Borsa, Chief Business Officer and President Lifestyle, Dotdash Meredith to No Looking Back: The Future of Programmatic Programmania Keynote with Amanda Martin, SVP, Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships, Goodway Group to Diversified Teams, Tactics & Audiences Day 2 Keynote with Kerel Cooper, President of Advertising, Group Black, we're covering all of the bases to get you covered for future-proofing your digital media and revenue ops businesses. Plus there's a whole lot more. Check it out now!
Top Stories
Without third-party cookies driving targeted advertising — publishers that don’t have a strategy to drive user authentication and first-party data, should expect lower CPMs and less revenue. Something will have to connect the dots in the absence of cookies, and LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) may just be it. We spoke with Travis Clinger, SVP, Addressability & Ecosystem, LiveRamp, about how ATS will help shift the ad ops future in a promising direction. Read more.
Now that Google Ad Manager is bridging the gap with prebid, will it affect a setup that already exists? While the fact that ad servers will no longer need to be filled with line items to heighten header bidding demand is a plus for publishers, there's some concern that it could create more legwork. Read more.
Raise your hand if you remember when a Netflix subscription was $8.99 a month? 🙋🏾‍♀️ Minus all the fancy tiers, their initial subscription model, and the exclusively intriguing content attracted subscribers and made them the category leader and most popular SVOD platform that they are today. These days, they are… Read more.
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