April 29, 2022
No Cookies? No Problem, LiveRamp ATS Is the New Plug for Pubs
Without third-party cookies driving targeted advertising — publishers that don’t have a strategy to drive user authentication and first-party data, should expect lower CPMs and less revenue. We spoke with Travis Clinger, SVP, Addressability & Ecosystem, LiveRamp, about how ATS will help shift the ad ops future in a promising direction. Read more.
Will Google Ad Manager’s Link-up With Prebid Reinvent the Wheel?
Now that Google Ad Manager is bridging the gap with prebid, will it affect a setup that already exists? While the fact that ad servers will no longer need to be filled with line items to heighten header bidding demand is a plus for publishers, there's some concern that it could create more legwork. Read more.
#OpsNYC: Insider Inc's Jana Meron Joins First-Party Data Keynote Panel on June 7, 2022
While buyers and sellers both agree that 1PD is valuable, neither side is convinced of the other's data quality. And does it scale? That’s always the elephant in the room. Myles Younger, VP, Go-to-Market, Data, Media.Monks, George Stella, Co-Founder, BIGtoken and Data Privacy Protocol Alliance, join Jana Meron, SVP, Programmatic & Data Strategy, Insider Inc. to hash it all out on the panel: Whose Data Is It, Anyway? at OpsNYC.  Register now!
Top Stories
Consumer choice and consent fatigue can be a troublesome duo. A fine of $170 million by the CNIL led Google to get their ish together quick, and they have made some changes that should make it easier for consumers to opt-out of cookies. Read more.
Simply put, ZPD is information that consumers intentionally volunteer about themselves in exchange for a more personalized experience with the media companies and brands they trust. It's the purest source of truth about their relevant characteristics, behaviors, and preferences because it’s sourced directly from them. Read more.
By now, you have been immersed in the value propositions of a data clean room. While data privacy concerns are a sound reason to get started with a clean room, there are other added benefits, that when choosing the right type of clean room for you, will help your businesses achieve more from your investment in the long term. To achieve better business outcomes, your data clean room must indeed be rooted in privacy protection, but also provide the tools that marketers yearn for in delivering results. Read more.
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