April 4, 2022
How Can Pubs Protect Their Sites and Audiences From Bad Actors? 
Juniper Research warns that digital ad fraud and malvertising will cost the industry nearly $68 billion in 2022. But does that mean that all publishers are destined to lose substantial sums to nefarious players? Or are there steps they can take to stem those losses and protect their readers and their reputations? To find out, we sat down with Geoff Stupay, CEO, clean.io, a company on the frontline of battling cyber threats, malvertising, and digital ad fraud. Read more.
Why Advertisers Are Giving DOOH Another Look
The DOOH industry is on the upswing. It’s bouncing back and is expected to come close to its pre-pandemic high with $2.58 billion in ad spending in 2022. So, why should advertisers be giving DOOH another look when the post-pandemic world is opening up so many advertising options? We spoke with Stephanie Gutnik, Global Head of Digital Out Of Home, Yahoo, to learn more about what DOOH looks like these days, why add DOOH to a media plan, and how DOOH is handling channel newcomers like CTV. Read more.
Kerel Cooper Keynoting AdMonsters Ops NYC: June 6-7
Today's media landscape is fragmented, and in order to thrive, Publishers must truly commit to diversity: Diversity in revenue-generation tactics, diversity in growth strategies and approaches to building audiences, and diversity in talent and leadership. Join Kerel Cooper, Group Black’s President of Advertising, for a dive into the company’s approach to diversified revenue streams and commitment to highlight the unique appeal of its audience. The AdMonsters alum will also share highlights from his full-circle journey as an ad ops pro to LiveIntent’s CMO, and contributing to the next wave of media at Group Black. Register now!
Top Stories
There’s a dark cloud hanging over the in-app advertising ecosystem: poor ads that harm the user experience, prompt users to uninstall apps and leave bad reviews in the app stores and damage the brand’s reputation. And these concerns aren’t theoretical. Read more.
Publishers have longed for a privacy-safe way to make their own data and site traffic translatable programmatically across many sites and sellers. With less than a year to go until the demise of third-party cookies in Chrome, there seems to be a new kid on the block who will serve the same purpose in a less intrusive way. Read more.
While the full implications of a truly cookie-free ecosystem are not fully understood, advertisers and publishers have much to consider. Advertisers need an alternative to third-party cookies, one that will allow them to scale their campaigns and drive efficiency. In all likelihood, campaigns of the future will contain elements of first-party and contextual targeting strategies, executed in private programmatic buying models.  Read more.
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