December 17, 2021
What Does Apple's iOS 15 Update Mean for Publishers?
On September 20th, 2021, Apple released iOS 15, an operating system update introducing three new privacy features to Apple devices: Hide my Email, Private Relay, and Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). This update, and these features, in particular, alter how and what data publishers (and third parties) can collect. While Apple's iOS 15 update may have the most significant impact on publishers and advertisers yet, it's not the first time Apple's updates rattle the industry. Read more.
AdMonsters Revenue Strategy Sessions On Demand
AdMonsters teamed up with OpenX to address the ever-changing advertising ecosystem, along with the many obstacles publishers currently face with keeping fill rates and CPMs high. How can the open web both survive and thrive in the coming years? We looked at three distinct areas — Prebid, First-party Data and Contextual — that are evolving to combat the myriad challenges that are looming. Check out these three sessions on-demand now! 
Bringing Sexy Back to Working in Digital Media and Ad Tech
In a recent article on the predictions of journalism in 2022, we were reminded of the crushing reality that our college degree did not spearhead the career we studied so hard for. Fast forward to the great resignation of 2021. Now, this is obviously a result of the pandemic but also employees sobering up and reevaluating their values, worth and boundaries. So what does that mean for the digital media and ad tech industry? It’s a great time to reflect on our approach to teaching, hiring, and retaining top talent as we get closer to the New Year. Read more.
Top Stories
As the ad tech ecosystem evolves and the need for an omnichannel approach becomes ever more pressing, both advertisers and publishers are becoming more thoughtful about which platforms they work with and how. Publishers, in particular, have been decreasing their number of SSP partners over the past few quarters. Findings show that Google ad manager (72%), Amazon publisher services (46%), and Verizon Media - now known as Yahoo ad platform (44%) all lead the way for SSPs that publishers are using. Read more.
How can publishers future proof their businesses by turning requests coming in from advertisers into privacy-first, first-party data strategies, especially as the third-party cookie goes away? That's exactly what attendees learned at our recent webinar — No Third-party Cookies, No Problem: Ranker on First-party Data in a Privacy-safe World — as Dana OMalley, National VP of Sales at Ranker and Lauren Kroll, Customer Success Manager, Permutive, talked about their partnership and how it helped Ranker realize 4X revenue increase YOY and  25% increase in RFP win rate within six months. Read more.
As the demand for header bidding grew, many publishers were faced with a tough choice on how to manage it: Continue down their existing, proven (but sometimes flawed) path or find a new, more efficient solution that would continue to drive revenue. From that need, PreBid was born solely to manage desktop display ads offering technology that was good, albeit somewhat limited.   Read more.
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