December 13, 2021
Webinar Replay: No Third-party Cookies, No Problem: Ranker on First-party Data in a Privacy-safe World
How can publishers turn RFP requests into privacy-first, first-party data strategies? That's what we learned at our recent webinar, No Third-party Cookies, No Problem: Ranker on First-party Data in a Privacy-safe World, as Dana OMalley, National VP of Sales at Ranker and Lauren Kroll, Customer Success Manager, Permutive, talked about their partnership and how Ranker realized 4X revenue increase YOY and  25% increase in RFP win rate within six months. Read more.
Why Not Maximize the Value of Your Inventory Through Premium Ad Experiences?
As the ad tech ecosystem evolves and the need for an omnichannel approach becomes ever more pressing, both advertisers and publishers are becoming more thoughtful about which platforms they work with and how. Publishers, in particular, have been decreasing their number of SSP partners over the past few quarters. Read more. The Braintrust of Open-Source Advertising Solutions
From the identity disruption to the CTV explosion to the ongoing shifts in mobile privacy, there's a lot of chaos to navigate. But behind the scenes, Prebid brings a level of balance to that chaos. Tom Levesque, VP, Product at OpenX, and Emry Downinghall, VP, Advertising at Chegg, sat with us to talk about Prebid as a unifying, open-source solution for Publishers and SSPs and why some companies are still reluctant to make the shift.  Read more.
Top Stories
We’ve all heard the stories about ad placements that make brand managers cringe: ads for respectable brands appearing in terrorist recruitment videos, and the like. Obviously, marketers want to avoid such placements. But that’s just a start. In an ideal world, your ad will be seen by real people alongside content that makes sense for your brand. Marketers everywhere want to know, how do we achieve these goals? Fortunately, we asked Criteo to share their best practices for getting the kind of placements that move the needle for brands. Read more.
What is zero-party data? Ask ten people (well, not ANY ten people; ten adtech dweebs) and you’ll get ten different answers—along with some medium-to-heavy ridicule. Zero-party data is still a relatively new concept (having been coined a scant three years ago), and adtech likes to take its time settling into new ideas. Just ask the CDP people. Read more.
Lotame's latest “Beyond the Cookie” report is out. There’s so much uncertainty and concern is high on all levels. Key reports findings include: Forty-eight percent of publishers predict a downsizing in workforce due to third-party cookie crackdown. Read more.
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