November 19, 2021
Why Digitized Ad Sales are Mission Critical for Future Revenue Growth
Today's publishers have to mitigate quite a bit of friction in order to breeze through revenue goals. There's friction between different platforms for campaign tracking, forecasting, and reporting — not to mention the tools used for reconciling I/Os, commissions, and other elements of the ad sales process. Streamlining all these systems and processes is key to eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) friction that can hamper growth. Read more.
Can Standardized Definitions and Taxonomies Lead to Scale?
Whether it's evaluating contextual as a key performance driver amidst the decline of third-party cookies and mobile identifiers, or new use cases—like extending contextual audiences into CTV—there is so much more to consider about the practice of segmenting and analyzing content. We caught up with Michael Guzewicz, Director of Strategic Partnerships at OpenX, for a quick Q&A about how the company is working to define (and redefine) contextual in conjunction with publishers. Read more.
The Future of Publisher Revenue Operations: Benchmarks & Best Practices

From third-party cookie deprecation to ColoPA, CCPRA, Apple, and the looming antitrust pressure on Google and Facebook, the business of digital publishing is being rebuilt. And while there’s no such thing as a crystal ball, AdMonsters partnered with Jeeng to produce a special report powered by insights from publisher teams that are navigating these changes – along with the solutions and strategies they’re excited about for the future. Read more.

Top Stories
Lotame's latest “Beyond the Cookie” report is out. There’s so much uncertainty and concern is high on all levels. Key reports findings include: Forty-eight percent of publishers predict a downsizing in workforce due to third-party cookie deprecation. Read more.
The surge in digital media consumption continues. Ad spend is flowing freely beside the traffic stream. But unfortunately, to the dismay of publishers and advertisers alike, ad block usage is on the rise. But ad blockers are becoming ad filterers — the 95% of all ad-blocking users who have an ad blocker installed but still consent to be served ads. Let's learn more about them. Read more.

There’s actually no time like the present for all of the cookieless alternatives to start stepping up to the plate and showing what they’re really made of, and for pubs to get to testing right away. Single Sign-On solutions are gaining massive ad tech support. But one of the major barriers to any of these solutions reaching scale is consumer consent fatigue. Read more.

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