October 29, 2021
A Publisher’s Guide to Supply Path Optimizations: A Case Study
SPO requires teamwork amongst all parties, especially those on the sell-side, as Criteo discovered when it decided to test various SPO strategies and measure the efficiencies that resulted. Done right, SPO offers increased transparency and accountability that is extremely beneficial to both publishers and advertisers.  Read more.
The Future of Publisher Revenue Operations: Benchmarks & Best Practices
From third-party cookie deprecation to ColoPA, CCPRA, Apple, and the looming antitrust pressure on Google and Facebook, the business of digital publishing is being rebuilt. And while there’s no such thing as a crystal ball, AdMonsters partnered with Jeeng on the next best thing: A special report powered by insights from publisher teams that are navigating these changes now – along with the solutions and strategies they’re excited about for the future.Read more.
Revenue Strategy Session Vol 3—Contextually Speaking
For years, contextual advertising has been considered a safe and trusted method of monetization. Today, however, many publishers are giving contextual a fresh look, thinking about how to combine contextual with data-driven audience targeting, how to extend contextual into CTV, and how contextual can help protect against the decline of third party cookies and mobile identifiers. Join Michael Guzewicz, Director of Strategic Partnerships, OpenX and Scott Messer, SVP, Media, Leaf Group, and all of your publisher peers to discuss all things contextual on November 16, 2021. Register now!
Top Stories
In a recent AdMonsters webinar with LiveIntent, How Pubs Are Increasing Revenue While Delivering Premium Ad Experiences In Email, Bobby Bonett, VP, Digital, SANDOW shared how SANDOW streamlined workflows while delivering dynamic ads with more granular targeting and personalization, and most importantly how they’re realizing 15X greater CTR than with display ads.  Read more.
Everyone loves a good proof of concept before pouring hundreds of thousands, or millions, into an idea. Shoppable content is one such idea, and it’s a lucrative, proven, revenue model. When activations like shoppable content are woven through editorial content, the line is blurred between where editorial reporting stops and sponsored content, native advertising and shoppable ads begin. Read more.
Everyone wants to feel special, have that custom, unique experience, whether it’s as an individual or a business looking for that “wow” factor. Advertisers can still have that wow factor with the use of templates on the back-end. Templates work, for starters, and they are also easy to set up and ease the burden on an already stretched-thin ad ops department.  Read more.
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