October 22, 2021
How SANDOW Media Increased Revenue and CTRs With Premium Ad Experiences in Email
In a recent AdMonsters webinar with LiveIntent, How Pubs Are Increasing Revenue While Delivering Premium Ad Experiences In Email, Bobby Bonett, VP, Digital, SANDOW shared how SANDOW streamlined workflows while delivering dynamic ads with more granular targeting and personalization, and most importantly how they’re realizing 15X greater CTR than with display ads.  Read more.
Selling the Value: What Publishers Should Be Telling the Buy-Side About First-Party Data
Publishers are growing optimistic about the journey down a cookie-less path, but not everyone shares that enthusiasm. Many industry experts cite a gap in education about the value of first-party (1P) data as one reason for advertisers’ reluctance to buy-in. During a recent AdMonsters Revenue Strategy Session, Calkins and Jana Meron, SVP, Programmatic & Data Strategy, Insider Inc., shared their views on why this time of testing and iteration around audience data identity is actually exciting. Read more.
Come Have Fun With Publishers in Paradise

Don't miss your chance to spend 3 days in the California sunshine with your digital media peers! The conference agenda is jam-packed with keynotes, sessions, and workshops, and Publisher Forum always includes outdoor receptions and activities. Activities include Whale & Dolphin Watching, Sea Cave Kayaking, California Water Sports, Pool Party @ Aviara, Carlsbad Oyster Farm, Batiquitos Lagoon Hike.  Register now!

Top Stories
You may have heard of SWAN in Google's Privacy Sandbox, but this SWAN is a community-operated and open source replacement for many use cases supported by third-party cookies. Compared to Google’s Privacy Sandbox offerings, SWAN (Secure Web Addressability Network) provides a legally compliant solution that will improve people’s privacy. No directly identifiable personal information is transmitted, and people only receive personalized marketing if they want it. Read more.
On January 22, 2021, Google announced plans for its “First Locally Executed Decision over Groups Experiment” or FLEDGE for short. The announcement on Github describes how they will operationalize TURTLEDOVE for a first test.  Read more.
Magnite recently released a new proposal in Google's Privacy Sandbox called PARRROT. We reached out to Garrett McGrath, VP of Product Management at Magnite, to sort out all of these birds so we can figure out how each of them might shape the future of advertising—either separately or together. Read more.
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