September 24, 2021
What Does a Comprehensive Identity Strategy Look Like?
The sheer number of proposed solutions to the third-party cookie almost guarantees that there will be no single winner and that publishers will need to adopt a multi-point approach to meet the needs of their ad partners. Figuring out what that exact approach needs to be will require serious testing and lots of trial and error.  So how should publishers get started on their journey towards the post-cookie reality — and what does a comprehensive identity strategy look like? Read more.
Build a Scalable Ad Sales Programs Around Premium Ads in Email
Publishers like SANDOW Media are using LiveIntent's Native Ad Blueprints to leverage their first-party audience data to build scalable ad sales programs around premium ad packages that resonate with their audiences while driving deeper buyer engagement by combining native formats for email newsletters and programmatic advertising. Catch the webinar replay!
OPs Day 2 Keynote: The Future of Content in a Post-cookie World
Publishers have had to navigate many transitions. From analog to digital to virtual. Direct to programmatic. Cookies, to … whatever is next. Join Catherine D. Henry, SVP of Growth, 5G, XR and Innovation, Media.Monks for a discussion about the future of media in a post-cookie, virtual world — a world where the audience wants to co-create as much as they consume. (And a world where publishers can experiment with formats that bridge the gap between digital and virtual). Register now!
Top Stories
Everyone loves a good proof of concept before pouring hundreds of thousands, or millions, into an idea. Shoppable content is one such idea, and it’s a lucrative, proven, revenue model. When activations like shoppable content are woven through editorial content, the line is blurred between where editorial reporting stops and sponsored content, native advertising and shoppable ads begin. Read more.
AdMonsters Advisory Board Chairman, Rob Beeler, caught up with John Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer at Confiant about some surprising findings in Confiant's Malvertising & Ad Quality Index Q1 2021 report. It seems Google has slipped in the SSP rankings. A perennial strong performer, Google experienced an uncharacteristic setback this quarter. Their security violation rate increased from 0.05% in Q4 to 0.18% in Q1 and exceeded the industry average for the first time. Read more.
In a cookieless, privacy-centric future, you need to focus on first-party data. But focusing on first-party data is a broad statement that can easily leave you asking what exactly does that mean we should do? There are 6 steps to making sure your organization is able not only to function in a cookieless internet but to thrive. Read more.
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