September 16, 2021
Transform Your Newsletters Into a Channel for First-party Data Collection
Native ads enable publishers to diversify their media kit with premium ad units that elevate digital experiences. Furthermore, with native ads in email newsletters, publishers can transform their newsletters into a channel for first-party data collection. With more premium options publishers can attract a larger array of advertisers and acquire more data to continue growing their business and revenue. Read more.
Best Practices for Monetizing Native Ads in Your Email
Publishers are already using what they know about their audiences to fuel their editorial, but those very same insights can be used to power advertising and revenue as well. Leveraging your first-party audience data, you can build a scalable direct-sold program around premium ad packages that resonate with your audience while driving deeper engagement for buyers by combining two powerful tactics: Native advertising and email newsletters. Read more.
The Ad Ops Guide to Outsourcing

When you begin your outsourcing journey, the first question you need to ask yourself is: “Why am I considering outsourcing?” This is an important question and one that is often overlooked. However, the answer to this question will inform which partner you select, the business relationship structure, and what will be the relationship KPIs that should be captured and monitored. Read more.

Top Stories
Everyone wants to feel special, have that custom, unique experience, whether it’s as an individual or a business looking for that “wow” factor. Advertisers can still have that wow factor with the use of templates on the back-end. Templates work, for starters, and they are also easy to set up and ease the burden on an already stretched-thin ad ops department.  Read more.
Criteo, Prebid, and other industry leaders have set out to help solve this issue through Prebid’s Project Management Committee (PMC) which is responsible for establishing, prioritizing, and building industry roadmap items. The SSO committee is working to build an open solution that will enable buyers to have enough scale to purchase open video inventory and empower publishers to tap into that demand through a more direct and consolidated way. Read more.
The people have spoken: There are too many ads on the internet. So many, in fact, that it drives consumers to install ad-blocking software on their desktops and mobile devices. This often drives publishers to write off ad-blocking audiences as lost traffic. But provided with the right incentives, like less intrusive or more engaging ads, or the ability to pay cash for content—and with the value exchange clearly communicated—those users can be turned into revenue opportunities. Read more.
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