September 10, 2021
Can SSO Bring the Advertising Ecosystem Together? A Q&A With Mediavine’s Jordan Cauley
Single Sign-On solutions are an open web tool that’s gaining massive ad tech support. But one of the major barriers to any cookieless solution reaching scale is consumer consent fatigue. ‚ÄčThat's why Criteo, Prebid, and other industry leaders have set out to help solve this issue through Prebid’s Project Management Committee (PMC) which is responsible for establishing, prioritizing, and building industry roadmap items. Read more.
Things That Keep Publishers up at Night
Everyone wants to feel special, have that custom, unique experience, whether it’s as an individual or a business looking for that “wow” factor. Advertisers can still have that wow factor with the use of templates on the back-end. Templates work, for starters, and they are also easy to set up and ease the burden on an already stretched-thin ad ops department.  Read more.
Pubs Can Increase Revenue and First-party Data Collection With Native Ads in Email
Native advertising is a powerful method for driving publisher revenue, but also an effective mode of collecting first-party data. Learn how you can leverage native ads in email to increase revenue, build out your first-party data footprint, and elevate digital experiences with Nicholas Bolt, Senior Product Marketing Manager, LiveIntent, Inc. and Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor, AdMonsters. Read more.
Top Stories
The people have spoken: There are too many ads on the internet. So many, in fact, that it drives consumers to install ad-blocking software on their desktops and mobile devices. This often drives publishers to write off ad-blocking audiences as lost traffic. But provided with the right incentives, like less intrusive or more engaging ads, or the ability to pay cash for content—and with the value exchange clearly communicated—those users can be turned into revenue opportunities. Read more.
AdMonsters Advisory Board Chairman, Rob Beeler, caught up with John Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer at Confiant about some surprising findings in Confiant's Malvertising & Ad Quality Index Q1 2021 report. It seems Google has slipped in the SSP rankings. A perennial strong performer, Google experienced an uncharacteristic setback this quarter. Their security violation rate increased from 0.05% in Q4 to 0.18% in Q1 and exceeded the industry average for the first time. Read more.
You may have heard of SWAN in Google’s Privacy Sandbox, but this SWAN is a community-operated and open source replacement for many use cases supported by third-party cookies. Compared to Google’s Privacy Sandbox offerings, SWAN (Secure Web Addressability Network) provides a legally compliant solution that will improve people’s privacy. No directly identifiable personal information is transmitted, and people only receive personalized marketing if they want it. Read more.
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