September 2, 2021
Google's SSP Security Violation Rate Slips
AdMonsters Advisory Board Chairman, Rob Beeler, caught up with John Murphy, Chief Strategy Officer at Confiant about some surprising findings in Confiant's Malvertising & Ad Quality Index Q1 2021 report. It seems Google has slipped in the SSP rankings. A perennial strong performer, Google experienced an uncharacteristic setback this quarter. Their security violation rate increased from 0.05% in Q4 to 0.18% in Q1 and exceeded the industry average for the first time. Read more.
Best Practices For Publisher Survival In An Ad Blocking World
The people have spoken: There are too many ads on the internet. So many, in fact, that it drives consumers to install ad-blocking software on their desktops and mobile devices. This often drives publishers to write off ad-blocking audiences as lost traffic. But provided with the right incentives, like less intrusive or more engaging ads, or the ability to pay cash for content—and with the value exchange clearly communicated—those users can be turned into revenue opportunities. Read more.
How Pubs Are Increasing Revenue While Delivering Premium Ad Experiences In Email
Native programmatic advertising in email is proving to be efficient and effective, contributing significantly to publishers' programmatic revenue. By leveraging your first-party audience data, you can build a scalable ad sales program around premium ad packages that resonate with your audience while driving deeper buyer engagement by combining native formats for email newsletters and programmatic advertising. Register now!
Top Stories
We're seeking insight into your experience with in-app ad quality for an upcoming Playbook, with the support of GeoEdge. We're diving into the current state of in-app ad quality. and we'd like to learn how your team is prioritizing ad quality challenges this year. In return, we plan to provide you with some tips on how your in-app inventory can be optimized to hold on to your users while maximizing ad revenue. Read more.
We spoke with Dev Pragad, CEO of Newsweek, about how the publisher is building better relationships with their audience toward the goal of zero-party data exchange, as well as how they're using LiveRamp's Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)  to drive CPMs. We also spoke with Scott Howe, CEO of LiveRamp, to learn more about ATS, how Newsweek drove a total eCPM as high as 224%, with an average lift of 52% across all web browsers using it, as well as how publishers should evaluate partners to help them thrive in the cookieless future. Read more.
In a cookieless, privacy-centric future, you need to focus on first-party data. But focusing on first-party data is a broad statement that can easily leave you asking what exactly does that mean we should do? There are 6 steps to making sure your organization is able not only to function in a cookieless internet but to thrive. Read more.
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