August 27, 2021
Newsweek Sees Huge CPM Lifts With Liveramp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution
We spoke with Dev Pragad, CEO Newsweek, about how the publisher is building better relationships with their audience toward the goal of zero-party data exchange, as well as how they're using Liveramp's Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS)  to drive CPMs. We also spoke with Scott Howe, CEO of LiveRamp, to learn more about ATS, how Newsweek drove a total eCPM as high as 224%, with an average lift of 52% across all web browsers using it, as well as how publishers should evaluate partners to help them thrive in the cookieless future. Read more.
AAX Study Breaks Down Who Uses Ad Blockers the Most and Why
A new study released by AAX: Why Block Ads? Behind User Reasons and Motivations, sifted through years of data on internet behavior collected by GlobalWebIndex (GWI). The goal? Getting to know more about ad filterers, a large demo defined by GWI as “selective ad-blocking users” a.k.a. folks who have installed ad blockers but also allow ads to be served.  Read more.
Revenue Strategy Session Vol 2 — First-Party Data
Join Insider Inc's Jana Meron, SVP, Programmatic & Data Strategy, in a conversation with Rich Calkins, Director, Product Management, OpenX, about First-Party Data: How to Get it, How to Utilize It, and Why It Matters at our next Revenue Strategy Session on Tuesday, Aug 31  from 1 - 2:15 pm EST (10 - 11:15 am PST), in conjunction with OpenX. We'll also break into workgroups to discuss how publishers can acquire 1P data, best practices and use cases for activating it, as well as how strategies around 1P data need to evolve in this ever-changing landscape. Register now!
Top Stories
The burden of cost for preemptively identifying and blocking bad ads lies solely at the feet of the publisher. And because this approach often means that blocked ads don’t get filled at all, revenue cannot be recovered. Malvertisers, on the other hand, don’t stand to lose a thing – their ads simply don’t get served and they deploy the same code again in different ways. Read more.
In a cookieless, privacy-centric future, you need to focus on first-party data. But focusing on first-party data is a broad statement that can easily leave you asking what exactly does that mean we should do? There are 6 steps to making sure your organization is able not only to function in a cookieless internet but to thrive. Read more.
Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty. Many publications opine that Apple Mail Privacy Protection is going to drastically change the way newsletter marketing takes place and that said marketers must readjust their strategies now before changes go into effect. And we can bet that the opt-in rate will be high. Read more.
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