August 20, 2021
The State of Ad Filtering in 2021
The surge in digital media consumption continues. Ad spend is flowing freely beside the traffic stream. Unfortunately, to the dismay of publishers and advertisers alike, ad block usage is on the rise. But ad blockers are becoming ad filterers — 95% of all ad-blocking users who have an ad blocker installed but still consent to be served ads. Let's learn more about them. Read more.
6 Steps To Make The Cookie Crumble Your Way
In a cookieless, privacy-centric future, you need to focus on first-party data. But focusing on first-party data is a broad statement that can easily leave you asking what exactly does that mean we should do? There are 6 steps to making sure your organization is able not only to function in a cookieless internet but to thrive. Read more.
What Is SWAN?
You may have heard of SWAN in Google's Privacy Sandbox, but this SWAN is a community-operated and open source replacement for many use cases supported by third-party cookies. Compared to Google’s Privacy Sandbox offerings, SWAN (Secure Web Addressability Network) provides a legally compliant solution that will improve people’s privacy. No directly identifiable personal information is transmitted, and people only receive personalized marketing if they want. Read more.
Top Stories
We spoke with Mike Racic, Global Head of Programmatic and Data, Fandom, about the importance of turning users into consumers or fans, working with the right partners on robust identity solutions to future-proof your business, and the disservice publishers do themselves by just thinking of first-party data for the purpose of direct segment monetization Read more.
Despite the FLoC origin trial limitations, we learned a fair amount about how FLoC might work in the future such as how many cohorts there might be (34 Thousand), how many users would be in a Cohort (at least 2K Synced users), and how often the Cohort is calculated (every 7 days).  Read more.
Without a cookie reprieve, digital advertising and media monetization will most likely rely on a number of alternatives going forward, and first-party data, in particular, will be key to any future strategies. Harnessing first-party data at scale will ensure marketers can keep delivering relevant and engaging ads across the web in a privacy-secure way, while sustaining revenue for publishers and strengthening their position in the online ecosystem.  Read more.
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