Interested in consulting for AdMonsters?

APS is always looking for talented ad operations professionals at all levels to expand our network of consultants.  Working with APS allows you to use your key skills while expanding your breadth of application and understanding of the industry.

What APS offers consultants:

  • Leads - We spend time developing leads and developing project plans for projects.  Our projects are thoroughly vetted with client companies and provide well developed project plans for achievable aims.
  • Competitive rates - We understand the value of specialized ad operations experience and make the case for the value you bring to the table.  We let you set your rates, and give you the option to accept or reject pricing and assignments.  All travel and expenses where applicable are paid.
  • Flexibility - Our assignments vary from length to short term (less than 1 week) projects to longer term projects of several months. We can work with your availability and schedule.
  • Interesting work - Our assignments allow you to apply your skill sets to a variety of industry challenges and work with diverse companies. It's a great way to grow your career and skill sets.  
  • Network - We have developed an extensive network of consultants and specialists worldwide. This allows us to build teams of consultants for a particular assignments or allow our consultants to call on specialists during their work.
  • Administration - APS does contract management, billing and collections, you just get your check.
  • Tools - APS offers project management software and templates for deliverables.
  • Support - APS leverages the AdMonsters organization to give you access to industry data, as well project oversight and the possibility of research assistance.  APS can facilitate bringing in of specialized consultants to augment resources for an assignment and help with oversight and project management.
  • Management services - for your consulting development. We look for ad ops pros who can develop with us and bring their strengths to APS.

What we expect from you:

  • Upholding the AdMonsters brand and highest degree of professionalism
  • Passion for ad operations and solving client challenges
  • Broad experience in online ad operations or business development and project/product management in ad technologies.
  • Work history at online publisher, agency, network or ad technology company
  • Solid project management skills (no specific certificate required)
  • Experience with adservers & workflow (preferably multiple systems)
  • General understanding of the industry, technologies, trends, players, best practices

Specialized experience in some of the following:

  • New media: Video, mobile
  • Systems planning, integrations (adservers, workflow, CRM etc..)
  • Outsourcing, staff planning, organizational change
  • Ad networks, ad exchanges, yield practices
  • Billing & reporting
  • Targeting, data
  • Ad product development: display, email, local, widgets,
  • Media planning, SEO, marketing strategies

Give us a call

If you are a previous Traffic or Project Manager in online ad operations or have senior level experience, we'd like to talk with you to see if consulting is the right step.


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