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At Internet Week in NY, Turn announced it's new data management platform (DMP), called the Turn Audience Platform. According to the press release, the platform, "integrates Fortune 500 brands and leading advertising agencies into the industry’s first open ecosystem for audience targeting, enabling them to discover and connect with the right audiences; plan intelligently across all media channels and devices; and understand how to allocate marketing budgets to maximize advertising ROI." AdMonsters asked Philip Smolin, VP of Product and Marketing a few questions about the new platform, audience targeting, multi-channel ad operations, and how to move more brand ad spend to online.


Q: How does the Turn Audience Platform differ from other offerings in the DMP space?

‘DMP’ is a general term that every vendor defines differently.  For the Turn Audience Platform, our focus is to empower advertisers to: discover the right audiences for their brand, intelligently plan how to connect those...

Iggy Fanlo of adBriteLast week, adBrite, an independent ad exchange, won a Stevie Award for the Most Innovative Company of the Year based on its 2010 launch of video pre-roll ad units. AdMonsters asked adBrite's CEO, Iggy Fanlo, a few questions about online video advertising, video standards like VAST and VPAID, video ad spend and operations.


Q: Does digital video have enough scale to be a significant part of audience targeting buy through an exchange?

Fanlo: The simple answer is yes. However, the video inventory available through ad exchanges is much smaller than display inventory, which is why it’s important to work with an exchange that supports both. That way, advertisers can use audience targeting intelligence from the larger display inventory to inform their video campaigns.
Ad exchanges that support both pre-roll video and...

Part 1 of 3: Importance of targeting smaller advertisers

A majority of online publishers primarily focus their ad sales efforts on agencies and large brand advertisers via their direct sales force. The cost of operation for this sales channel often requires them to set a minimum ad buy per campaign. In conversations I've had with multiple online publishers in North America we have heard that the cost of running an online campaign ranges from $2,500 to $4,000 per campaign. This includes the sales, operations and finance costs. As such you will find that minimum ad buys are set between $2,500 and $10,000 per buy. 

With that said, advertisers seeking to purchase smaller ad orders are unable to work directly with online publishers because of these minimums. In most cases, smaller advertisers will spend their advertising budget on solutions like Google AdSense. The limited amount of options for smaller advertisers has a direct effect on online publishers – either they will only generate a small amount of revenue from ad networks or it will all go to companies like Google.

Although their ad orders are of a smaller dollar value, the number...

All the hype in the display advertising industry has been around real time bidding for the last several years, and rightly so. Finding audiences with precision (cheaply) is marketing nirvana and, with all of the startup companies willing to work their tails off to make their “platforms” work for advertisers, the promise of media, layered with great technology, and tons of free service was hard to resist. Conference after conference, our industry leadership (well, actually I think it’s just the 30-odd people that speak at every conference) prognosticates on the latest data-driven success story, and ponders the meaning of the famed Kawaja logo vomit map, hoping that their flavor of audience technology gets acquired. But, like the old George Clinton lyric goes, the fish don’t know they are wet. After drinking the RTB Kool-Aid for so long, the real time practitioners may not realize that this fundamental driver of the display advertising ecosystem may not be as important as we all think. Here are five reasons to hedge your bets with RTB:

Quality Matters: Sorry, exchanges, but inventory quality still matters—a lot. The notion that you can...

On Tuesday at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, Microsoft introduced their NUads product - an ad product for that works with Xbox Kinect. That means users can interact with advertising via voice command and movement.

AdMonsters asked Ginny Musante, Director of Marketing, Xbox LIVE Advertising, Microsoft, a few questions about this new ad platform.

Q: Is NUads just for the Xbox Dashboard, or would this apply to in-game advertising and how would that work? Are there other potential uses for the NUads format?

Ginny Musante: NUads transform passive TV advertising into engaging and actionable experiences using the voice- and gesture-control of Kinect for Xbox 360. NUads invite the consumer into a conversation with the simplicity of a spoken word or a wave of a hand. NUads offer what is most scarce to TV advertisers today – engagement -- by moving consumers down the purchase path in their own living room.

Q: What is the potential...

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