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February 2, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

We sat down with OPS Markets' Keynote Speaker Martin Kelly from Infectious Media and quizzed him on the RTB market place, the digital ad landscape in 2012 and got his predictions for our industry in 2012. 

RTB really took off in 2011, what do you see happening in a more mature market place for RTB in 2012? Are there any areas in which you feel it’s fallen short/not been exploited?

2011 was an amazing year for RTB and I feel like it's really starting to be a topic in mainstream marketing conversations. Previously we've felt that we've spent most of the time in a meeting with an advertiser educating them but now we're finding this happens less and less.


“How many of you know what Big Data is?” asked Heidi Cohen, ClickZ columnist, adjunct NYU professor, President of Riverside Marketing Strategies and moderator of the panel discussion at the Media Cross Media (MXM) Big Data event.

A decent percentage of the crowd gathered at the Corporate Tax Network’s offices on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building raised their hands.

“How many of you are actually working with Big Data?”

Hardly any hands remained raised.

The inundation of...

Device recognition specialist (no cookies required) AdTruth, a division of 41st Parameter, has further upped its pro-privacy ante by joining the World Wide Web Consortium (commonly known as W3C) – specifically the Tracking Protection Working Group, which is developing guidance for implementing and adhering to Do Not Track (DNT) functionalities for browsers, publishers, marketers, advertising technology companies and others. Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Ori Eisen gave us some thoughts on why AdTruth joined the W3C and publishers shouldn't fear DNT while sharing the advantages of device identification over other tracking technology.

Why did AdTruth decide to join the W3C? Why do you want to be a part of developing guidance for Do Not Track policies?


January 31, 2012 Gautam Srivastava


Martin van der Meij will be leading his session Taking the Secondary Channel to New Levels at OPS Markets in London on February 9


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How has De Telegraaf approached RTB and what do you see as the main challenges for publishers in the RTB market? 

The biggest challenge we see is making sure the premium/direct strategy stays separate from what’s happening on the Automated Trading Platforms (ATPs) – how do you prevent channel conflict? At TMG, we're of course still struggling with this issue. But more and more people are seeing that ATP selling isn't about "remnant" anymore. It’s about automated buying of standard IAB (right now). This means a shift in everything. Redefining your...


We’ve talked about the Three Pillars of Success (People, Process and Technology) at a high-level, and discussed the details of People and Process, and now need to address everyone’s favorite, Technology.

Right now, there is a lot of very interesting technology available and what’s out there today has some fantastic features. However, instead of getting caught up in the latest bells and whistles, at the core of the technology decision is whether or not your business has the right technology to be successful. Far too often, technology is a scapegoat for a deficiency somewhere else, and it really boils...

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