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Digital advertising pros who are also Spaghetti Western fans thoroughly enjoyed Grapeshot Chief Executive John Snyder's wonderfully titled OPS Markets session on Thursday, Feb. 9: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Digital Advertising."

While we're still trying to talk Snyder into wearing a poncho and chewing a cigarillo during his presentation, he did kindly agree to have his Technical Account Director Chris Hogg mosey on down and answer a couple of questions about Grapeshot's offerings, real-time categorization and how behavioural and contextual targeting can operate in harmony.




Tag management provider TagMan has found an ally in Digital Fulcrum, the company that provides the consulting muscle for AdMonsters Professional Services. Through an exclusive strategic partnership, TagMan has integrated Digital Fulcrum's Ghostwriter technology, a web performance optimization tool aimed at publishers as well as marketers.

With Ghostwriter, TagMan's tag management system can execute synchronous tags asynchronously without modifying code, allowing TagMan to be used asynchronously with any third party tag. In effect, publishers can de-couple their tags and prevent loading from hobbling website performance


It's the first AdMonsters event of the year at the Grange Tower Hotel in blustery London. OPS Markets features a wide variety of speakers analyzing the rapid development of data-driven advertising and pondering what's next. The two Gs of AdMonsters' ever-diligent content team – that would be EU Editor Gautam Srivastava and US Editor Gavin Dunaway (only slightly jetlagged) – are on the scene, covering the action. Stay tuned to this live blog for updates throughout the day.


8:35 – The crowd is filling in, munching on miniature croissants and draining cups of coffee – I hope they're not too jittery for the morning keynote: Infectious Media Cofounder and Managing Partner Martin Kelly's insight into the future of real-time bidding. Actually, I could use a cup 'o joe before this madness starts... 



The role of the ad operations professional is evolving. As data plays an increasingly important role for every advertiser and publisher, the role of ad operations has, in turn, rapidly expanded.

It’s no longer enough to just ensure a placement is trafficked correctly and that campaigns are pacing at an expected rate. Ad operations professionals are now responsible for oversight on the flow of data to all manner of third-party services. This includes services chartered with targeting creative to users, measuring ad effectiveness, finding “look-alike audiences,” recommending products and a myriad of other important functions. Data is, after all, the lifeblood of a holistic marketing strategy today.



February 7, 2012 Arvind Sethumadhavan



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