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February 28, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

Included in the latest round of updates for the multi-purpose media platform are the industry’s first real-time brand safety controls, new contextual data from best-of-breed vendors and brand new shiny video advertising optimisation features.

The new contextual targeting capabilities in Turn Media Platform increase the relevancy of the ad by correlating the content of a web page with the content of the advertisement being displayed. Advertisers can create custom rules for buying inventory next to specific types of web page content; for example a travel advertiser might only want to place advertisements on web pages about warm weather.


New robust safety controls help advertisers avoid placing ads next to content that does not align with their values which can be invaluable when it comes to the integrity of the brand.



February 27, 2012 m-commerce mobile Russell Buckley

With OPS Mobile London conference approaching (May 16th), AdMonsters jumped on the chance to interview Russell Buckely, CMO of Eagle Eye Solutions and one of our Keynote Speakers. We sat down with Russell to discuss his thoughts and predictions about the future of mobile advertising and mobile commerce, focusing on the European market.

How (if at all) do you think the mobile landscape is different in the UK/Europe versus in the...


While the primary focus of many data management technologies is to manage data assets for better audience targeting, the capabilities of a data management platform (DMP) go far beyond audience targeting. DMPs and content management systems (CMSs) can work together to deliver relevant content for your site visitors to increase your loyal user base and their engagement levels.

Audience Insights From Data Management Platforms

Let’s start with audience insights available from data management platforms. A sophisticated DMP creates rules around various elements of a page to collect specific behaviors exhibited by the users while consuming page content. For example, a user visiting a health section of a website, clicking on a “share this” link, or submitting a comment each create different behavioral...

February 22, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

Prior to OPS TV in New York in July our friends over at Propeller PR asked business leaders in the advertising technology space what the single biggest challenge for growth in online video advertising in 2012 was going to be.


The insightful video below features some of the stars of the online advertising video space including Rene Rechtman, CEO Goviral and Head of Europe, AOL's Advertising.com; Guy Phillipson, Chief executive, Internet Advertising Bureau, UK; Michael Steckler, MD Northern Europe & Benelux, Criteo; Jason Goodman, CEO, Albion and Dominic Finney, Co-founder, FaR Partners.


Propeller PR are a specialist PR agency focused on building the profile and profit of clients in the media, advertising, ad tech and digital sectors.




We sat down with Jay Stevens, Vice-President and General Manager International at the Rubicon Project to talk all things RTB.

Jay was one of our fantastic speakers at OPS Markets in London and will also be discussing all things RTB at AdMonsters Sydney.

Read the full Q&A below. 

RTB really took off in 2011, what do you see happening in a more mature market place for RTB in 2012?

Are there any areas in which you feel it’s fallen short/not been exploited? RTB has indeed seen explosive growth in...

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