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March 29, 2012 viewability Gavin Dunaway

The topic of viewable impressions caused quite a stir this spring at both the IAB Leadership Conference and AdMonsters' Publisher Forum in Palm Springs this past March.


I've heard some suggest methods for ensuring display impressions are actually seen are the "new verification" in terms of confusion and controversy over deployment.

Yet some publishers are diving in headfirst, including Forbes, which recently announced it's...

Believe it or not, folks, 2012 a big election year hear in the U.S. – maybe you've heard something about it on the TV news channels or in the papers? It's widely speculated that targeted digital advertising will play a large role in this year's presidential and congressional elections (as well as state and local contests) because there's nothing political advertisers appreciate more than hitting the exact audience they wanted to reach. But what kind of effect will this expected influx of targeted advertising have on the display landscape?

Expanding on a blog he wrote on the subject last year is Ed Montes, CEO of ad targeting specialist ...

March 27, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

European Editor Gautam Srivastava had the pleasure of sitting down with QUISMA MD, Ellie Edwards to discuss their shift from Search to Display and what their plans are for the UK and European market.

Search, Dynamic Creative , RTB, Technologies and so much more - check out Gautam’s fascinating interview below.


Ellie Edwards


Quisma was effectively started as a Search Engine Optimisation agency back in 2001. What facilitated the change to becoming a 'Performance Marketing Agency' and what exactly does this entail?...

March 26, 2012 VAST video vpaid Andrei Dunca

The first advertising standards, guidelines and best practices for digital video emerged four years ago, which seems like a short time in the grand scheme of history. But technology moves at an accelerated pace, and four years is enough to make anything outdated in the ad technology space. In fact, the IAB’s Digital Video Committee is about to announce a new video ad standard – its third. The existing standards are independently evolving and overlapping as well, and we may be on the precipice of watching old standards slowly fade away.

The industry’s first video standard, VAST, launched in 2008, along with definitions of digital video ad formats metrics and...

There are two ways to store the user ID on the mobile device. The first is through using the impression cookie – we go into more detail in StrikeAd's full whitepaper that this article is excerpted from (PDF). On iOS, i.e. iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch, however, it is not possible to set cookies which are not from the same domain as the domain of the page you’re on. This is covered in detail in the StrikeAd App Tracking Without UDID White Paper about download attribution, so we won’t go into it again here.

To get around this limitation, another way to set data on the client side is to...

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