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In addition to upgrading its publisher-side data management platform with some slick new tools (including social data integrations), Krux Digital announced today that it’s gone global, now providing services for European and Japanese media companies. We caught up with Director of Client Services Brian Buizer to discuss some of the platform’s new features and ruminate on pubs’ biggest big-data-related challenges.

What publisher woes is Krux aiming at easing with these platform updates?

Publishers are facing many challenges these days, losing control of audience assets chief among them. Other players in the market have become quite adept at data skimming and data-driven media buying and selling. This is happening on the buy side, from middlemen like networks and exchanges,...

January 23, 2012 Gautam Srivastava


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Richard Wheaton, UK Managing Director of Ogilvy’s digital arm Neo, to discuss the digital landscape as it lies currently and also get his take on what to look out for in 2012.

Richard is a stalwart of the industry – having started in digital running a web development agency in 1997, he moved to Carat in 1999 and set up their interactive division. After a few years client-side, Richard was approached to take the reins at Neo in 2006. Since then he has grown Neo UK from a mere five people in 2006 to 95, and developed it into one of the biggest digital agencies in UK.

Representing Cisco, Sony (Europe), Amex, IBM and a raft of other blue chip clients Richard describes Neo as a full service...


It's generally sunk in that the last click shouldn't be getting all the conversion credit – as digital spend increases, advertisers are yearning for a better understanding of multichannel campaign performance. Properly assigning credit to various ad types has proved to be a task, but one that companies like Adometry – which just released version 2.0 of its ad analytics platform, complete with fancy new attribution tools – have chosen to take on. We caught up with CEO Paul Pellman and demanded some answers about attribution as well as Adometry's audience verification and tag services.

Why has attribution become such a hot-button topic now?

Because there's growing interest among advertisers and agencies to understand what truly contributes to the success of online campaigns. They've always known that giving all of the credit to the...

January 17, 2012 Eric Litman

Last week, Medialets, a mobile rich media advertising platform that currently supports more than 20 billion monthly impressions, launched Medialets Private Marketplace, a fully transparent buying platform that lets advertisers directly plan, buy, execute and measure brand advertising on the mobile properties of the world's top publishers. The launch of Medialets Private Marketplace emphasizes the increasing importance of RTB in the...


How many of you work for a company that utilizes Salesforce.com? Its adoption is really quite large in sales and marketing departments. The functionality is quite robust for managing sales, marketing, trafficking and ad performance reporting. Unfortunately most companies have initially configured Salesforce for only its most basic capabilities. Then people start asking for information and the first comment is always, "Salesforce.com isn't working."

We've done consulting with numerous companies in the media landscape and I can assure you that it does indeed work. We're going to talk a little here about the most common challenges we've seen, and some simple takeaways for those who like to roll up their sleeves and dig further into optimizing their instance.

Key Challenges...

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