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Don’t get me wrong – I love me some RTB. I love discussing ATDs, DSPs, DMPs and anything in our industry with a three-letter acronym. Whenever I hear someone use “OS” to shorten “operating system,” I feel like something is missing – like the concept is doomed to fail unless it adds another letter.

But one thing does rub me the wrong way about all these acronyms: they don’t full capture the depth or breadth of the role of operations. RTB does not replace or equal Ops – it’s a fraction of what ad ops people are focused on.

As I prepare for my first trip to Australia next week to moderate our second AdMonsters Sydney conference, I want to make sure that all the recent discussion about RTB, data, etc...

With our AdMonsters Sydney event fast approaching, we were fortunate to snag an interview with Ashraf Montaser, cofounder of Adinfinity, an Australian startup that specialises in building innovative solutions that are redefining the leading edge of publisher ad technologies. At AdMonsters Sydney, Ashraf will be leading a session on the importance of technological innovation in advertising operations, so we decided to get a sneak peek at his presentation with this Q&A session.


How did you get into ad operations?

I started out...

Over the past year, the topic of attribution has emerged as a hot one among brands and advertisers looking for better ways to measure the impact of their online marketing investments. This is because attribution is finally giving advertisers what they’ve wanted for years – a way to trade in subjective “last-click” or “last event” measurement approaches for an objective, data-driven one that accurately determines which ad channels, types of creative, placements and varying combinations of all of the above deliver the best results.

Not all publishers are happy with the growing acceptance of attribution measurement by advertisers. Some web publishers and ad networks that traditionally exploited “last event” measurement in order to inflate the value they deliver to advertisers are now under the microscope. Attribution has uncovered these schemes and given brands an accurate view into audience quality and conversion...

Yesterday at the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Palm Springs, Google gave us a peek into DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Optimization, new technology to "supercharge" the value of both premium and non-premium inventory. We caught up with Alex Vogenthaler, Senior Product Manager, to see how DFP's new solution differentiates itself and how publisher ad ops expectations are evolving.


What ad op pain points is Google aiming to relieve with DFP Optimization? When implementing the technology, what’s the first thing the ad ops team is likely to notice?


March 5, 2012 Gautam Srivastava

Monday 5 March


We're very close to kick-off here in a not so sunny Palm Springs. The AdMonsters are in the room eagerly anticipating a day of knowledge-sharing and best practice from some of the leaders in the online advertising space. 


And we're off. Matt O'Neill, President of AdMonsters takes to the floor for an introduction to the day.


AdMonsters CEO Bowen Dwelle takes the mic and is discussing the AdMonsters ethos ' to connect the world's leaders in online advertisng'. Sounds good to us Bowen! 




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